How to Break The Ice by Promoting Content Through LinkedIn


Oct 12, 2015


4 min read

Beyond all doubts, LinkedIn has emerged as the top professional social platform over the years. With more than 364 million members in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is eventually evolving to be an excellent breeding spot for all business houses to grow their contacts. With LinkedIn, you have a strategic advantage because most of the users are professionals, and so you get a fairly relevant estimate about who your target audience is. Along with that, there are fewer chances of forged- identities, so you are more likely to get a quality audience to your LinkedIn page.

Analyzing your LinkedIn page on a regular basis will help you recognize the areas of improvement, and that is how you can formulate the actions required to promote your page (and business) towards a better traffic volume. When your business community page is optimized, you will be able to offer a better engagement with your visitors. That will bring more opportunities to draw valuable traffic and will help you establish trust between your targeted audience.

Why Should a Content Marketer Care About LinkedIn?

One of every three businesses on Earth is placed on LinkedIn. Individuals like to interact with organizations (and people associated with it) and emphasize on exchanging information and ideas with each other. And these interactions are not merely for fun or recreational joy. Time invested on LinkedIn can bring your business considerable growth. Since all the users have an aspirational mindset here, your timed and well-placed contents, advertising, job posts, etc. reach to sincere minds. LinkedIn’s users are great receptors of anything that can benefit their professional growth and help them become more successful. A research shows that more than half of the customers are more likely to buy a product from the company they interact on LinkedIn.

You can exploit this opportunity to cultivate your brand worth all over the world. Generating leads and driving traffic from this overcrowded platform can become a child play for you, provided you place your cards at the right time. As a B2B marketer, you can utilize LinkedIn to distribute your content to the most sincere audience worldwide. And not just that, your content distribution can drive traffic to your sites (and blogs) to a great extent. Data reveals that more than 90% of online traffic is driven by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the last contributing more than 50% of total share. According to Investis IQ Audience Insight Report , LinkedIn directs 64% of visits from all social media sites.

Convert Your Leads on LinkedIn

Whether you are a real estate firm or some hardware-retail company, you will need a social forum that can fuel your marketing endeavors and thus trigger the sales conversion process. Channelize your efforts here on LinkedIn and you will see a seamless inflow of online audience engagement that will build your credentials and create an unbeatable brand value in the market.

Define Your Target

Make a precise estimation of your customers’ behavior and preferences by using a proper web analytics tool. LinkedIn sponsored updates are also useful here since they provide you with much basic information such as age, location, gender, etc. Additionally, you can consider targeting on the basis of Job titles, industries (company name, size, etc. ), skills and schooling data and many more such classifications.

Analyze the buyer persona to understand the user’s pain points and develop contents that address those areas with a substantial attempt to resolve the issues. The content should be short, to-the-point and should add value to the reader’s time. You can also consider writing completely customer-centric posts so that the reader can identify his interests and issues on a deeper level.

Publish The Revised Drafts

Once your contents are developed, you need to be careful in publishing them. The content should not just be fresh and informative, it should also add value to the reader. Make wise estimation about the context and relevance of your posts. If the market is saturated with unemployed workforce, you can post job offerings or tips and guidelines about how to get the most bankable employment opportunity. Conversely, when you have to launch your product, you can promote it on LinkedIn, in professional conducts and context.

According to LinkedIn’s official reports, 20% of followers are typically reached with one status update. So, on a rough scale, you can consider posting some 20 updates per month. That way, you can expect to maximize your post’s reach to around 60% of your unique audience every month.

Content publication empowers you to drive more leads and traffic to your website. With LinkedIn, it is more essential because your audience is more career/business oriented, and thus can become a valuable lead for your business. You have the moment to distribute your contents and push it via social sharing and providing backlinks to draw more user attention to your desired websites. When you are in the distribution phase on LInkedIn, you might also like to cultivate the user-engagement by replying and commenting on their response or taking proactive action to encourage their involvement.