How Can Marketing Automation Boost Your Sales In 2021?


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Jul 28, 2021


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Marketing technology or marketing automation has emerged as a well-required concept for almost every business operating in the industry- be it small or big. While your company has been working with manual efforts and minimal tools, it is the year 2021, and it calls for an upgrade. Blending technological components in the marketing function of a business is similar to a stroke of luck. What is marketing automation? It is an online software or a system that acts as a substitute for manually handling repetitive marketing tasks.

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Today, tons of vendors offer systems that automate tasks; many businesses have developed homegrown tools. According to a survey of 2019, 75% of the companies were already using some marketing automation tool. As per the SharpSpring Investor Presentation of 2019, we see that the market for Marketing Automation Software is growing at a rate of 20%. The report said the U.S. share for the Marketing Automation Software industry equals a $6.1B market! Enhancing the online experience is an excellent opportunity for your business, and this feat seems achievable if marketing automation tools are availed. With the growing business similarity in the industry, marketing automation enables your business to design and effectively manage your marketing campaigns, boost sales and earn much better profits than your rivals.  For many companies, sales automation has helped them in lowering costs while enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Automation has also enabled engineering and manufacturing to reduce production costs by an average of 8% to 12%. By 2024, we can expect the Marketing Automation Software market to expand at a CAGR of 9.82%.

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Be it a small business selling greeting cards online, or a multinational firm with a diverse product line, marketing automation helps streamline the marketing and advertising tasks of the firm and funnel the sales from both current and prospective customers. And it is not just about how your marketing campaigns would do; marketing automation benefits the business interface that allows you to target your customers effectively and, after that, study their purchasing behavior. Ecommerce and telecommunication companies have adopted Customer Value Management through which almost 26% of their calls don't need any human intervention. It has helped them in lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction. One of the primary reasons to take up marketing automation for your business marketing is how seamlessly you can optimize your routine, repetitive tasks and manage them and other core operations without getting a hit on business sales.

Ways To Increase Sales Via Marketing Automation

By now, you might have an idea about how marketing automation works- streamlining your marketing actions and simplifying a marketer's routine. Let's have a closer look at how it affects the sales of your business firm and ways you can close much better leads with automation tools- 

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  • Better Vision Of Potential Leads

Lead generation and nurturing quality leads is a great way to boost sales for your business firm. Earlier, analyzing quality leads was a bit strenuous. It required seeking customer data and purchasing behavior details via web analytics, contacting customers via phone calls and messages to know their reviews, etc. But, marketing automation has helped businesses acquire this information without going through tons of customer-centric data. With automation tools, you can get a better sight of your business leads by monitoring their behavior when they're on your website and tracking information about their website visit and other activities. These components sum up to be an overall score of your potential leads, based on which priority is given to interested ones to boost your sales. 
  • Eliminate A Long Response Time

It might sound counterfactual to say that a generic response time could boost sales- little do people know that it has a strong effect on the customer's purchase behavior. In most cases, customers require an understanding of the product or service acquired by them. Here is when your business has to score- by responding in time. Timely responses make a lot more difference on your leads and especially when they require your help.  Using automation tools, you can guarantee a business greeting sent to your lead once it turns in. Such greetings could be personalized text messages or emails that inform the customer about the business, its services, and customer-related opportunities. In addition, marketing automation can help you create self-tasks and reminders about lead nurturing, which is a must-to-do task in the present day. 

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  • Tracking Lead Activity Status On Different Channels

Your prospective leads hope around your business website, hover to the purchase carts, visit your handles on social media platforms and look you up on the internet. Therefore, you must track these activities as your business can gain important information by connecting with the lead customer to feel pleasant. Along with that, associating them with relevant content on your website is one of the requisites for customer engagement. Coupled with customer engagement with personalized content, you can use triggering emails and digital advertisements to interact with your potential customers with the help of marketing automation tools. The software tools also ensure that the customers get what they expect from your business, and your marketing campaigns could easily comprehend these expectations.
  • Analyze Return on Investment

Without using marketing automation software, marketers cannot cut back on repetitive and non-core marketing activities. And as a result of this, your business might spend more on investment rather than product profits. But, with the help of marketing automation, you can delegate these tasks onto automated tools to save up on the additional cost. Once you start saving up on these digital tasks, you can allocate that fund to other marketing campaigns monitored by marketing automation. Tracking ROI on different marketing campaigns can help you realize which sector is working efficiently and its suitable for-profit revenues. Based on that information, the business can take a call to increase sales via marketing campaigns and eliminate the non-performing ones to reduce costs. 
  • Obtain Relevant Sales Information

Your sales department would do much better if it knows how and what customer leads to the target in advance. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to make marketing automation work for your sales leads and acquire necessary information from the lead interactions to assure maximum conversions from current leads. Lead scoring practices can help segment the priority leads and invest more time in optimizing the sales potential of your business. Having that said, the sales department of any business firm is usually burdened with menial and dull tasks that software tools can easily override. Thus, by applying marketing software and system tools, you can efficiently address your business's staffing requirements and let your salespeople focus on profitable sales. Saffron Edge helps you identify the areas of opportunities in your marketing department where you can incorporate technological aid and automate the marketing chores for better efficiency and pace. Our primary task is to support your business with marketing automation programs that can enhance the way you communicate with your sales-ready leads. We also help in social media marketing and predicting lead generation from varied channels to design a structured workflow chart for your marketing campaigns. Are you interested? You can book an appointment with us now!

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