How An Ideal Social Media Calendar Looks Like


Feb 15, 2016


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With the aid of a Social Media Calendar, your content marketing campaign can be more organized, planned and easy to optimize. A good social media content marketing calendar is expected to appear in such a manner that it curate and create content, and also, help develop your marketing editorial strategy.


Using a content calendar, there is every surety that your marketing process would receive a new change. It automatically helps to cut extra-time out of your content marketing strategy and undoubtedly helps allocates your resources wisely.

Below are useful tips to help you figure out how a good marketing calendar should look like, understanding the rudiments and know-how will assist your journey to creating a classy content calendar.


Social media content calendars should be written in such a way that it can be simply read without a legend. With regard to the number of personnel in your marketing team, it is always advisable to leave your calendar legible as to allow others make proper use of it. On the other hand, this helps to prevent minor erratum that may occur in the process of documentation.

Clear update on Publications

Your final decision on your monthly post volume is another essential element to consider. if you plan to publish twenty-five posts every month, then note it down, keeping in mind the timing. You can easily break it down in such a way that it fits in all the thirty days of the month, skipping one or two days before another posting day could be a wise idea. This process will help circulate the posts within all the days of the month and hence trigger your sites traffic.

Paper Plan

The easiest way to set up a content calendar is by using separate sheet to organize your monthly activities. Breaking the procedure down by daily or weekly would not also be a bad idea, though this depends on the volume of content you hope to publish. In the event that you have more than one copywriter, your calendar ought to reflect which of your writers is in charge of developing, publishing and perhaps promoting each content. This way, you have a full control of your daily, weekly or monthly activities, and should also plan ahead.

If on the other hand, you have a network of social media platforms, for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. the whole procedure would be easier for you. Your social media icons can easily be incorporated into the contents, perhaps beside the title of each post. On the long run, this helps to streamline your content and social media strategies simultaneously.

Dates are relevant

You’ve most likely encountered this: you go about your day, just to acknowledge part of the way through the evening that you overlooked a decent friend’s birthday, simply because you saw the update on Facebook. It feels awful you’ve overlooked it all alone, however,  it would feel a great deal more terrible to miss the birthday totally without no reminders.

Sorting out all your contents in one place is a shield, as Facebook updates—it exists to guarantee you don’t miss creating content significant for occasions imperative to your niche, industry or perhaps press release launch dates.

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