5 Mistakes You Make In our Content Marketing Strategy


Feb 12, 2016


2 min read

Making mistakes in the quest to gain productive content marketing is certain, but however, there are tons of ways you can reduce, if possible, obliterate it. Every game has its own share of rules, just like every business has its ups and downs. But nonetheless, skillful marketers always invent ways to get things done with ease.

If you are a content marketer who focuses primarily on inbound marketing, you probably expect your campaigns to turn out successful in the end. Even without any slight drawback at any point in time. There are several ways to achieve this regardless of the type or size of business you are nurturing.

Neglecting title work

It is rare to find prolific marketers who make this mistake often, all the same, you never can tell a great deal of them out there. Who never focuses more attention on their titles while developing their content. Titles can make or break your content marketing prowess and efforts in a twinkle of an eye. As a matter of fact; once this damage has been done, that content may never recover from it unless it is entirely edited. Research shows that only contents with outstanding and alluring titles can win up to 70% readability volume, hence the need for more emphasis on titles.

Targeting  random viewers

If your inbound marketing campaign fails to yield over time, then there is every possibility that you are targeting the wrong audience. There are so many ways in which you are unknowingly targeting a random audience. The first way is by the style of content you write and the second way is by the tone of communication utilized therein.

Be specific on the category or class of readers you need on your content, and further channel your content in such a way to meet their requirements. Should your business campaign aim at promoting baby products and toys, then your target audience could rather be the adult personalities. For couples who have children yet or those in expectant, the tone of your content should be able to address and persuade them into buying your products.

Not tracking your campaign efforts

Research on 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends report, 49% of B2B entrepreneurs are as yet experiencing difficulty measuring the productivity of their content. In this way, regardless of the way that we’re putting additional time and cash into content creation and distribution than at any other time, a good number of us do not even know if these contents are really working or not.

Simple guide and instructions to keep away from this misstep

Tracking the viability of your content does not translate into so much waste of time on content, however, it means setting objectives and tracking the relating execution measurements. To begin with, figure out which objectives you need to accomplish through your content. A few cases might be an improvement on deals, lead increase, or brand exposure. For every objective, consider the measurements you can track to decide the viability of your content.

For example, in the event that you need to build leads through your website content, you’ll need to track which pages on your web page result in the most email pick-ins or finished contact form registration. On the off chance that your objective is brand promotion, you’ll likely concentrate on significant numbers like social media fans, followers and ‘buzz’, and also website hits and traffic.