5 compelling reasons to include messenger chatbots in your marketing strategy


Oct 4, 2018


4 min read


When it comes to marketing in general, chatbots are the latest fad.

While we have already talked about how employing one on your website and making use of conversational marketing can help you nurture leads, provide exceptional customer support and help engage visitors in various ways any time of the day…

Employing a chatbot on your Facebook business page as well has its own set of additional benefits that we will go through in this blog.

Facebook messenger chatbots have come a long way since they were first launched in 2016 and many brands have come around to realize their true potential. How? By the sheer number of open rates and click-through rates it boasts which is as much as 80%.

We are one of those brands and have recently started providing ‘Facebook Chatbot Services’ in our digital marketing services suite. If you are looking to get a messenger chatbot for your business, we can surely help!

Reaching out to customers via messenger or other messaging platforms is the new way to personally connect with users and is considered as the new email. While that doesn’t mean email is dead, it just means there is a new marketing channel that gives better return on investment than the old email and that is just one of the many reasons why they triumph over every other marketing channel out there today. So, without further ado, here are a few more reasons why you are soon going to see chatbots everywhere on Facebook’s messenger –

1.Messenger now has more than 1.3b users

Today, almost everyone and their grandmother is on messenger. You can easily reach out to anyone and engage them with the help of a messenger chatbot, combine it with the staggering open rates it delivers and none of your pitches will go in vain ever again. Moreover, you can get a lot of personal information about a user in messenger. Knowing about a user’s interests, likes, age, gender and other preferences will only help you customize your messages to them for maximum impact that would boost conversions, which is not possible in email. 

  2. An easy way to get around Facebook’s ever decreasing organic reach and Ad impressions

facebooks-organic-reach                                                                                               Source

Facebook’s ever declining organic reach and Ad impressions is no joke. After the latest Facebook update, business pages have seen their organic posts reach dwindle down to 1-2% of their total following and the story is more or like the same with Facebook Ads.

To tackle this, you can use a messenger bot and blast personal, valuable and engaging messages to all your fans in a jiffy and enjoy great open rates and eventually engagement, relationships and conversions.


3. Build subscriber lists and blast messages

Talking about blasting messages, just like emails, you can blast a message to all your fans using a messenger chatbot with ease and engage with them on-the-spot.

Even better, you can create a custom audience and feed the data to your messenger chatbot to blast targeted messages and boost conversions. It is just like how you do in emails, but with a better open-rate and more click-throughs which is always great for your marketing endeavours.

Building your subscriber list is not a goliath task when it comes to Messenger as each conversation you have with a prospect automatically adds him/her to your subscriber list which you can use later to implement your marketing campaigns.


4. Your best customer service representative

The reason chatbots were hyped up in the first place. With every brand out there maintaining a presence on Social Media, it is always a good idea to have a brand representative cater to every customer conversation on social media platforms as soon as possible. While there are obvious complications with hiring people for this task, employing a chatbot makes replying promptly to each and every conversation is a piece of cake.

A messenger chatbot can be your customer service representative that’s up and working for your brand 24*7, is cheap & prompt, and your human customer service representatives can easily take over the chatbot if it’s not able to take care of a particular query because of its complexity.


5. Easy to set up


Unlike popular belief, chatbots are simple to set up and require zero coding knowledge (some of them).

You no longer need an experienced developer to build chatbots for your website or facebook page, a majority of bot-builders provide visual chatbot builders that can quickly help you set-up a chatbot using easy drag-n-drop options.

As more and more people flock to messenger platforms, it only makes sense to maintain a strong brand presence on those platforms as well. With the help of a messenger chatbot, you’ll be maintaining an everlasting brand presence that is ready to serve customers and prospects any time of the day. So, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself today, it will only take 2 minutes.