4 Ways You Can Curate Content To Add Value To Your Content Marketing Efforts


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Aug 13, 2016


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Social media provides you with a stage for branding and community building. Take a glance at your strategy of content marketing, you will find that content curation plays a very significant part in this. Do you know what is a major turn off for the audience? It is when they see blog posts without any relevance, quality and lacking purpose to share. This usually happens when a company pays marketing channels for simply sharing links to their web content. content-marketingA study conducted by Argyle Social data indicates that third-party sites linking generate 33% extra clicks than the posts that are linked to their own sites. This study concluded that companies are driving more traffic to their sites through social media adds only 40% link to their own sites. The two important ways to add value is through efficiency and scalability. Your social media is just one way of savvy marketing strategy. You need to curate your content and advance your technology for impacting the bottom line of your company. For this, you need to employ a multichannel strategy for the distribution of the curated content Here are 4 ways to build trust and brand awareness and for simultaneously driving relevant traffic to your website.

1. Roundups From Others Content

You can tag people who are involved in creating content and companies that are linked with it when producing roundups of quotes, content, news etc. This will increase your inbound links, click per post and social audience. It is always a good idea to connect more people to your content. Curation World Another trick to drive traffic is to share and appreciate work done by others. This is a way to build community and for an even better effect, you can employ influencers for this. You need to search the thought leaders on the topics that are relevant for your business and can either ask them for original comments or use published assets for taking quotes in order to create roundup. This process will help you to reach their audience as they will also share and like your page.

2. Curated Newsletter

This feature has been rising in the last few years. When you dispatch curated content to your audience on a regular basis, you essentially become part of routine of your audience with your brand’s face. There are tools like Curated and Goodbits which makes creating a newsletter extremely simple and permitting curators to attach links of their next dispatches as they go for usual browsing activities. Many companies like Moz are the proven brands which have made a huge benefit from their curated newsletters. You can get added to your subscriber's list by creating a content which is curated rather than completely promotional.

3. Badge to Recommended Content

the element of the content on the original page at the top. “Start A Fire” is a powerful way as it adds badge to your content which gives custom links with additional content suggestions. The problem with sharing others published content is that you lose traffic. When you link others page, you are providing a route to your audience to divert by clicking away to the third party’s site. In the last two years, there is a rise in URL shorteners which prevents this pitfall through asserting sharer’s branded. Hence this is a great way to adding traffic without compromising on third party shares. You can employ these ideas when sharing content on social platforms. This can be done on newsletters, blog in order to bring traffic back to your own site.

4. Curate Customers Reviews and Images

Social media is entering into every aspect of our life and business. It becomes important that you convey to your potential buyers that your customers are not only buying your product but are also liking it. Curating customer- submitting testimonials, images and reviews can be used as marketing assets to add authenticity to your site for a good shopping experience, increase the footprint of your search engine and always show that you appreciate your current customers. In case you are marketing on a large e-commerce platform, there are a lot of chances that your customers will discuss and share your products. Yotpo is one such tool that helps in automating interactions with customers that are post-purchase in which you can ask to submit reviews that are verified, images that can be curated into collections and ratings. Then you can use this curated customer content to create shoppable galleries and ads for social media. You need to take proper time, proper research, content curation tools and forging a relationship with influencers. Following these tips will help you in increasing engagement with customers in more than one way for driving traffic, loyalty and revenue into your business. Try it Now!

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