3 Valuable Lessons of Influencer Marketing


Saffron Edge


Aug 19, 2016


4 min read

Everyone will admit that building relationship with organizational leaders, public figures and world- class bloggers works for any business. This allows you to build new business opportunities and a wider audience. The major problem is that many companies want to grab attention of established influencers and it becomes difficult to make your voice audible. Making your voice heard by these influencers is not an easy task. influencer_marketing_treps Here are 3 valuable lessons you need to know about the influencers marketing that will increase your performance and efforts successful to create an influential marketing:

1. For Higher Conversion get sophisticated targets

The first step is to lay a base before starting with execution of your tactic. This is the most crucial step and majority of the marketers skips it. You may find the outreach engaging but end results are often disappointing. This usually happens when :
  • Lack of proper research
  • Targeting wrong influencers
Now the question arises how to search for the right influencers for targeting. One of the important step is to focus on the targeted audience rather than influencers. Your goal might be business development or content distribution in various social sites especially Twitter. All you need to make sure is that your goals should always align with the requirement of the audience of influencer. To get this thing bang on, all you need is data driven approach. You will find couple of tools for fulfilling this purpose. For example Woopra provides with a customer intelligence platform. It takes visitors and customers data and provides you with granular information. This data can be utilized to build different profiles of users, visitors and customers that are engaged to know about your services. Put these data for mapping out your target audiences of influencer. This will further ease you in finding influencers having access to your kind of audience. Approaches like this requires automated tools and manual efforts. The key step is to find right audience. Keeping audience prior to identifying influencers can be called Reverse Engineering and is the best way of approaching challenges. Once you have the understanding of what you are targeting then comes the step of reaching out and getting on their radar.

2. Grab Attention: Surprise and Delight

You always hear about “adding value” but nowadays it is coming more nebulous and limited to sharing, commenting and tweeting. Surely they are important but we should always strive towards doing even better. For rendering surprises and delight together with marketing influencers you need to think Out Of the Box. You can go out of the box by keeping two things in your mind : professional goals and personal desires. By now you must be having idea about the target influencers. This knowledge will provide you with the power to delight and surprise in a kind of way that will demonstrate authenticity. With guest blogging, influencers are promoting products or pushing their content. The main focus can be anything but the important which you have to always remember is mentioning your company on a blog or reputable publication. This process of mentioning will speed up your engagements and will spread your messages to a wider audience. Suggesting connections with people in different networks is a mutually beneficial to influencer and your connection. Always remember to make a formal introduction explaining why you feel this is worthwhile.

3. Multi Channel Approach

As soon as a top marketers report some findings on any selective approaches, they are at once adopted by numerous marketers of the same industry. This makes the systematic and structured approaches saturated at a faster rate. For last 18 months this is what has happened in the influencers marketing. Using a similar approach used by everyone, you are increasing your chances of getting ignored. Eliminate One-size-approach which will be fitting to all rather than focus on the activities of your influencers that they are performing at different platforms on individual level. For instance, one of your influencer can be a known blogger and another engage in different communities. Engaging with both on a same platform(let’s take Twitter as the platform) is not a smart act. You need to share and comment on their content and get engage in conversation with them. This boil downs to two elements : context and channel.  You have to first find out where their attention lies, after that make use of the platforms in the same context that these influencers use them in. We recommend you to first analyze the content which they are sharing with their audience and then concoct your services around it. You need to keep an eye on the conferences and events where your target influencers are heading into. For doing this you need to engage with them through social site or emails. You need to keep in mind the authenticity aspect. Join any conversation when it adds any value otherwise there is no need for it. Never jump in any discussion when you are don’t have knowledge about certain areas. Sticking to what you know will always leave an impactful impression. There are no shortcuts in influencer marketing, no amount of tactics or techniques will help you. Try to build mutually beneficial relationship with different people. Follow these tips for creating an influential social media.

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