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Why Do You Need Web Development Services?

Modern web development solutions of today involve a lot more than just providing clients with a great looking website. While a great website design is important, other aspects of your website also need to be carefully assessed to ensure optimum performance. That includes your website coding structure, search engine crawlability, the loading speed of your website, its underlying CMS, mobile responsiveness and a lot more.

While many web development companies in New Jersey and beyond may choose to ignore optimizing your website with all these dynamic elements, we are a web development company that takes care of it all! With our experience of working with clients all over the globe, we have a deep understanding of building websites that strikes a chord with your target audience and drives conversion.

At Saffron Edge, our developers make use of industry-leading programming languages and frameworks like CSS, HTML, JQuery, PHP, and Magento that are based on modern web design principles and are W3C compliant.

Some Of Our Core Processes of Web Development Services


Website Development

From providing you with a premium hosting environment to delivering a CMS-studded website that is ready to make conversions, we do it all! Our developers work collaboratively to gain an understanding of your specific website requirements and carefully align it with industry best practices to build a website that is custom-made to fulfill all your business needs.


Web Portal Development

Want to start your own ecommerce store? Or looking to create the next best social media platform out there? Our extensive web portal development services can help you build the web portal you’ve always wanted! Share your idea with us and we will tell you exactly how to turn it into reality using industry-leading programming languages and conversion techniques.


Product Development

Got an awesome SaaS idea that you think will pave the way for your success? Tell it to us and we will bring it to life in the best way possible! We’ll help you decide on product design elements that will impress users, and follow through by providing a captivating user experience that makes them stick with your product.


Open Source Development

Make use of our open source development expertise to build great websites, web portals, or web products entirely from scratch. We make use of the best open source technologies like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and the like to create a solution that is built entirely your way from the ground up! We even create custom themes and plugins to add your preferred functionality to your solutions.


Mobile Responsive Development

Mobile is the new web, and we are as prepared as can be to embrace this change. Do you have a website or web portal that works solely on the web? If your answer is yes, then you are missing out on capturing more than half your audience! We take mobile responsiveness very seriously and actively involve this practice for every web development project we do.


Website Maintenance

Our services don’t just end after providing you with a great web development solution. Making sure your website is up and ready to make conversions 24/7 is important to u,s and our developers proactively keep a close eye on your website performance to make sure it’s working like it’s supposed to and keep discrepancies at bay.

The technologies we use

  • Wordpress
  • HTML
  • JQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • .net
  • Laravel

Our Approach For Web Development


Project Planning

Planning your entire project from start to finish, getting to know your exact project expectations and requirements, finalizing the budget and creating a blueprint for everything we plan on doing for your project are all included in our initial phase of the process.


Creating a Website Structure

Laying wireframes and finalizing your entire website or web portal structure is what comes next. The entire layout of your web solution is efficiently developed while keeping your project requirements and the preferences of your target audience in mind.


Optimizing Design

UI and other visual elements are added to the approved wireframes, and the final look and feel of your project is designed in this step. The entire project design is crafted in a way that will boost user conversions and is sent for further testing and approval.


Agile Development

This is where your project actually starts coming to life. The approved design elements are backed up by solid code in this step of the process. We make sure the coding structure we use is in line with the latest coding practices, is not heavy, and is search engine friendly.


Thorough Testing & QA

We take the quality of our web solutions very seriously and thoroughly test each and every element of your project to make sure it’s performing optimally. We put your project under real-life situations to test its limits and ensure optimum performance.


Final Release

After making sure your project is compatible with all the different web browsers and mobile devices out there, and after receiving a thumbs-up from the client’s end, we deploy the project for the world to see and shift the entire code to the client’s server.

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Every web project we do is done keeping your business growth in mind and can be easily scaled up to handle increased traffic and activity.


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We know how important it is for you to get in front of your audience with the best solution possible as quickly as possible, and we approach every project with that same mindset.

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