User Experience

The success of every application depends on its interaction with the user. Our services are designed to test the behaviour, functionality and efficacy of User Experience. We test diligently to make sure that end user application has best experience without any hiccups and faults.  

We provide solution and testing procedures from perspective of programmers at every levels, right from consumers to end user perspectives.

Exceed Expectations

Users crave for information to be presented at a single place, which can empowered them to gather data on their own. Our experts do this in the most intuitive and efficient way.

Asthetics Blend with User Friendly Experience

We provide enterprise service portals that not only focused on aesthetics but are user friendly. Our experts go extra miles to find various ways to create tailored experience for every type of user.  

User Centric

The actual success of a service portal lies on how it is being used. We review all the service/buyer personas and simultaneously mark their journey to guarantee an user experience that will meet all the business requirements.

How We Do It?

Unit Testing

The unit tests are conducted on the every smallest testable application part. This is conducted to ensure the functionality. These tests are not based on external resources like network and data base, which makes them easy to write and conduct.

These test ensures that the smallest parts are performing well before assembling them together. With these codes written in progressive and efficient manner, one has lesser bugs to correct.

Integration Testing

This test is conducted to see the amalgamation of different unit together. This integration test is carried on different processes and codes to validate whether different interface and module are performing their required function together.

Our experts conduct integration test either as exclusive service or post completion of unit testing.  We even adopt our Big Bang approach, where we test all the modules at various levels and also by merging them.

Regression Testing

We conduct regression testing, after discovering and fixing the bugs. This test is conducted to get rest assured that the new changes have not triggered off any loophole in other part of the system. Our experts ensures that application deliverables are as per the prepared scope even after all modification.

Functional Testing

This test simulate the real user experience to ensure high quality product. Functional testing is comprehensive testing to ensure the product is of high quality and to avoid any revenue loss, delay in release and unsatisfactory user experience etc.

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Customer Reviews

  • We were hit with a Google penalty recently and we came to Saffron Edge for some immediate help. Not only did they fix the problem that caused the Google penalty in the first place, after their content audit of our website, they outlined other problems with our website as well that were hampering our rankings. Obviously, we got them fixed as well!

    Bob Ross COO
    Bob Ross
  • Their development team is just awesome. Approached them for a complete website revamp inside-out and they did it remarkably!

    Dylan Entrepreneur
  • There’s no other agency in New Jersey that does dental marketing as good as Saffron Edge! Really helped our practice gain some serious online exposure and eventually, appointments.

    Steve Johnson Dentist
    Steve Johnson
  • Their SEO services are one of the best out there, hands down!

    Robert Padding Business Head
    Robert Padding
  • We took digital marketing help from Saffron Edge few months back and their relationship manager helped us gain a deep understanding of what they actually plan on doing for our online success. Their utmost transparency in everything is what impressed us the most.

    Joan D’ Souza Marketing Manager
    Joan D’ Souza

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