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What’s Programmatic And Why Do You Need It?

Buying digital advertising and media spaces online has a new name – Programmatic. Be it video, social, native or cross-platform, our programmatic services make use of every platform out there that can be used effectively to amplify your brand image in a positive way and attract potential customers.

Our Programmatic approach is driven by superior audience intelligence as well as platform & user targeting methodologies that are proven to deliver results, regardless of your industry niche. When that’s combined with our knack of delivering the kind of content that perfectly aligns with what your audience wants, gaining an edge over your competition has never been easier!

Thinking about making the most out of your digital ad budget with Programmatic? Our in-house Programmatic team can be your next full-service digital media buying powerhouse that will effectively research, plan, create, buy, and optimize all your programmatic advertising campaigns across the best digital channels for your business to deliver an exceptional ROI and build new, loyal audiences that will stick to your brand.

Some of our core processes of Programmatic Services

While we do ‘Real-Time bidding’ for our clients, most of our Programmatic efforts are based on direct programmatic campaigns to make sure you get the absolute best for each of your digital advertisements. It takes extra time and effort, but is 10 times more powerful than spontaneously buying the available digital inventory over the web. Whether it’s Real-Time Bidding, making use of the Google Display Network, or buying advertising space on Facebook or any other social media platform out there, have a look at how we can help you when it comes to advanced Programmatic digital media buying.


Audience Intelligence

We don’t rely on hunches! All our Programmatic Ad campaigns are targeted for your exact audience/lookalike audiences to get the most bang foryour bucks. For that, we create buyer personas that heavily rely on first, second, and third party data which helps us figure out exactly what works best with your unique audience.


Custom Whitelisting

Keeping in mind your business objectives, current online presence, your audience, and your brand image, we manually whitelist platforms and URL’s that would help you tap in to new audiences that are already looking for your services on the web, and reinforce your brand image.


Ad Creation

Ad placement and timing is one thing, but creating the kind of ad that makes users click is what we focus most of our efforts on. We are well aware of the power of content and adding the right visual elements when it comes to creating banners and other visuals that makes users convert.


Sharp Targeting

Based on extensive audience research, we target your audience based on their online behavioral patterns, content consumption patterns, demographics, geographic area, and other audience targeting attributes to get your ad in front of the right kind of people on their preferred platforms.


Ad Optimization

Our bidders will stay on top of all your Programmatic ad campaigns to optimize what’s not working and further enhance what’s working well for your audience. We strive to bring the best ROI on all your ads and will leave no stone unturned to make sure of the same. Whether it’s the audience targeting thats underperforming or the content of your ads, we optimize it all to give you the best!


Detailed Reporting

Though there’s no putting a price on loyal customers, every dollar we spend for increasing your brand’s reach online (with the help of Programmatic Ads) will be reported to you monthly with the exact results we achieved for each penny spent.

Why Us?


Experienced Bidders

Our team of experienced bidders are not just well versed with Programmatic. They are expert marketers as well, with a deep understanding of streamlining social media, SEO, and content marketing with Programmatic.


Omni-Channel Experiences

We are well aware of the importance of delivering great omnichannel experiences. Be it cross-platform, native, social or video, our programmatic services make use of all prominent digital channels and mediums.


Real Time Monitoring

Relax as we take the responsibility of making each of your digital advertisements work wonders for your brand. We monitor and optimize everything that goes into creating a winning Programmatic ad campaign.


Advanced Ads Placement

Gaining a deep understanding of your target audience is what enables us to deliver the right type of content, to the right kind of people, and at the right time. Creating the right setting for your audience to convert is what we firmly believe in.


Spot-on Content & Visuals

An average web user’s attention span is similar to that of a goldfish. Our team of copywriters is well experienced in creating the type of content that highlights what you do in the best light possible. Our creative designers take care of the rest.


Trusted Platforms

Rest assured that we use the best DSP’s out there, which score the best in terms of security, precision, and analytics. Having said that, we actively make use of Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads Manager and Appnexus to find and target the most prominent advertising opportunities across the web.

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