What Is A Website ‘Silo’ And Why Should I Care?

‘Siloing’ a website simply means grouping all it’s webpages on the basis of a system, process or department. Google loves structured content because it’s easier for crawlers to crawl a website if its properly structured and organized and ranks them higher because of it when compared to unorganized websites.

Simply put, search engines like Google understand your website better if it’s properly structured or siloed.

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Organisational Siloing

Our Search Engine Optimization experts will move all your website content and structure it in such a way that every page of your website ranks for multiple keywords giving it a serious SEO boost.

Organisational Siloing

Link Siloing

We carefully structure all your inbound and outbound links in a power page, category or circle silo structure to add trust, authority and ranking power to your website.

Category of texonomies

Example of a Category Silo Structure

Why choose us?


SEO experience

With more than 10 years of experience in the world of SEO, our experts are well versed with the best siloing practices.


Detailed Reporting

All the required website structural changes, tweaks and the chosen link silo method will be conveyed to you with the help of a detailed report.


Timely delivery

We pride ourselves in providing the best siloing solutions in a timely yet professional manner.

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