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Why Hire AdWords Managers

Are you looking to kick-start a powerful PPC, remarketing, or display campaign for your business that would bring a ton of clicks and conversions, but don’t have the required talent in-house? Then you have found the right place!

At Saffron Edge, we can provide you with dedicated AdWords Managers that would work in close collaboration with your in-house teams and work solely on your project.

All our AdWords experts are Google certified members that have been hand-picked based on their knowledge of the current PPC scenario and their past project experience to provide the best services to our clients.

From conducting an in-depth keyword research to A/B testing landing pages for the best results, our AdWords experts can do it all with ease. Hire our AdWords experts today and put your marketing efforts in top gear. Your dedicated AdWords manager will do all the legwork of managing all your AdWords campaigns while you focus on managing your core competencies.

What our AdWords Managers Will do for you


Business Analysis

Before starting working on your project, our Adwords Managers will carefully analyze your industry vertical to devise a perfect, tailored PPC plan for you that will fulfill all your PPC expectations, business requirements, and objectives.


Competitor Research

Sometimes, just looking at your competitor’s PPC campaigns and their actively targeted keywords gives us a basic idea of what kind of keywords your target audience is actively searching for. All of our AdWords experts use industry leading tools to keep a watchful eye on competitors.


Keyword Research

Our AdWords experts are all well-versed in the art of finding the best money keywords to base your PPC campaigns on. We actively use Google Keyword Planner and other industry-leading keyword research tools like SEMrush & Ahrefs to find the best low-cost keywords in your industry that would deliver the best ROI.


Audience Targeting

Apart from targeting people based on the keywords they search for, our AdWord experts are proficient in targeting specific audiences for your remarketing and display campaigns as well.


Creating Ad Copies

Creating ad copies that make people click is at the crux of all PPC search campaigns. Our Adwords Managers, with their abundance of experience doing what they do best, can create ad copies that make clever use of all relevant keywords and make people click.


Optimizing Landing pages

Making users convert is as important as making people click on your search ads. And our Adwords experts are well aware of every bit of information and visual impact that a landing page absolutely needs to make users convert. If a landing page is not performing as expected, our Adwords experts are quick to run A/B tests on them to bring them back on track.


Detailed Reporting

At the end of every month, our AdWords experts will send you a detailed monthly report which will contain all the specific components of each and every campaign we ran for your business. That includes the costs incurred, the ROI earned, the keywords targeted, and the entire tenure of your ads.

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Why You Should Choose Our AdWords Managers


Proven Expertise

All our AdWords experts go through a stringent screening process and only the absolute best make it through to be a part of our team.


Close Collaboration

Our Adword Managers are just a phone call away and work in close collaboration with your in-house teams. We strive to become a natural extension of your organisation.


Guaranteed Results

We don’t convey unrealistic expectations for your campaigns and believe in the notion of ‘under-promise and over-deliver’

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See how our AdWords Managers can help you deploy one (or many) for your business.

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