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What is DTC Alternative Protein Marketing?

Saffron Edge offers DTC Earned Media services that promote your D2C brand by using organic components. For some, it might be the most challenging type of marketing strategy to master, but for our team of experts, it has been a tool to help brands like yours achieve growth effectively.

Which Factors are Affecting the Demand for DTC Alternative Proteins?

  • Ethics

Ethical eating is becoming more popular and meat production and consumption is surely a perpetrator of such eating habits. So, with everyone looking for ethical sources of protein, there is no surprise in why alternative protein is becoming popular.

  • Sustainability

There is a clear gap between the current demand for proteins and the traditional protein sources and with the proliferation of population, we can assume that traditional sources of protein are not sustainable but that is not the case with alternative proteins.

  • Food Safety And Nutrition-related Concerns

Animal eating has its own list of nutritional caveats. This is what thwarts people from relying on the traditional sources of proteins and instead of just griping about the losses, people are ready to flock to alternative proteins.

  • A Sense of Change In The Youth

With the younger generation becoming wary of the impact of environmental degradation, the reduction in meat intake is not a surprise. And when meat consumption will start dissipating, the consumption of alternative protein will become an impending trend.

Which Alternative Protein Concerns Need to be Addressed Through Marketing?

  • Does It Taste Good?

Taste is the biggest barrier for consumers and therefore, any type of marketing plan must address this obstacle. This is a bigger concern for people who have never tried any type of alternative product.

  • Are The Prices Fair?

The biggest barrier to mass consumption of alternative protein that needs to be addressed through marketing is the price. This issue of price can be overcasted with the perks of ethics and sustainability.

  • Is The Nutritional Value Up To The Mark?

People are now delving deeper into the nutritional value of the alternative protein and they are comparing it with the traditional sources of protein. This is another issue that needs to be addressed through marketing.

How Saffron Edge is Making DTC Alternative Protein Marketing More Effective?

  • Tailor-made Solution

We know every alternative protein product is different and therefore, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, we rely on building a tailor-made solution that caters to the specific needs of every alternative protein product.

  • Expertise and Experience

Alternative protein might be new to many people but we at Saffron Edge have been delivering exceptional digital marketing campaigns for alternative protein brands right from the beginning and therefore, you won’t have to worry about our expertise and experience.

  • Updated Method

We know the trends in the alternative protein market keep on changing and therefore, we have a dedicated digital marketing team that keeps tabs on DTC alternative protein marketing trends and incorporates them in the strategy to yield better results.

  • Continuous Improvement

We don’t just run a digital campaign and leave them to their own fate, rather we use the approach of continuous improvement and keep on optimizing our efforts and we even keep fine-tuning the approach to give better results.

How to Promote Alternative Protein?

Match the Message to the Market

  • Try to build the message around the rate of satisfaction and taste like ‘just like pork’
  • Work on quantifying the effects of alternative protein to a related cause on the basis of purchase.
  • Promote the healthy lifestyle message while designing the marketing campaign as millennials are more interested in healthy eating.
  • Use only that type of content in the campaign which is in demand and for this, you need to keep tabs on what’s trending in the market.

Use Targeted Marketing Strategy

  • The use of authentic reviews and testimonials gives a reason to the customers to try new products.
  • Build a marketing perspective by using digital channels like social media.
  • Tap into the influencer market to build to impact the different product persona.

Which Type of Strategy is Necessary for DTC Alternative Protein Marketing?

  • Use The Emotive Characteristic of People

With people becoming more concerned about food safety, animal welfare, health and wellness, and environmental issues, the DTC alternative marketing strategy that you will be using should capitalize on these aspects of the people.

  • Be Specific With Your Value

The type of value you want to deliver through your alternative protein might differ from what others are trying to pursue and therefore, you must consider the specific value delivery your brand can relate with while building a marketing strategy for alternative proteins.

  • Choose The Right Mix

You can’t just go on using every digital marketing channel that you see as an alternative protein, the right mix of digital marketing channels is a requisite to success. This is why you will need a digital marketing expert to build such an impeccable mix.

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frequently asked questions

Why is digital marketing necessary for alternative protein?

Because there are still many barriers to mass consumption of alternative protein and all such barriers need to be overcome through a digital marketing strategy.

How does marketing for alternative protein differ from generic marketing?

There are many differences like in the case of marketing for alternative protein, the campaigns need to keep both information and brand awareness on an even keel. Also, marketing for alternative protein needs to focus more on the emotive side of the consumer.

Is marketing for alternative proteins expensive?

No, with proper strategy, the cost of running a full-fledged digital marketing campaign for an alternative protein brand can be brought down and thus it can fit in like a glove in even a limited budget.

Which is the fastest growing regional market for alternative proteins?

Currently, Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing regional market for alternative proteins but we are witnessing an influx all over the world since people are becoming more concerned about ethical and sustainable sources of protein.

How to make the most digital marketing for alternative protein?

Hire a digital marketing agency that expertise in alternative protein.

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