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Duplicate or irrelevant content that doesn’t resonate with your target audience can hurt your website in more ways that you think. Google hates websites which have outdated content that provides literally no value to readers and down ranks them accordingly and obviously, your readers won’t like that content as well.

So, it makes sense to keep a close check on the relevancy of your content throughout. We can help you with that with our full, in-depth content marketing audit that provides you with actionable insights to fix what has been stopping you from attaining more online exposure all this while.

Why Audit Your Website Content?

For a business, it’s understandable to add new pages of content on their website as they grow but with time the added content may not come across as relevant to their current audience. And content that doesn’t resonate with your target audience is most likely to hamper conversions, engagement rates and ultimately website traffic. Google too hates websites with outdated content that provide no value to their users and accordingly rank them down in SERP’s.

With so much at stake, you just can not ignore the fact that your website content needs to be updated after a while. Auditing and updating your website content on a regular basis will only help you showcase the most current, consistent and relevant content to your users which will only help your business gain credibility in the eyes of your audience and search engines.

Our Content Audit Process


Gather Data

We gather a full list of every URL on your website using the tool Screaming Frog. Further analytical data such as organic traffic, bounce data, backlinks, conversion rates and server log files of each URL is gathered from Google Analytics and other tools.


Bulk Check URLs

We then transfer all the pulled data to CAT (Content Analysis Tool) and check every URL for index, missing meta descriptions, duplicate content and proper redirections.


Quality Review

After all the data is gathered and checked for grammatical errors, faulty redirects, critical on-page information, 404 errors and overall quality of content, URLs to be left alone, updated, redirected or deleted is conveyed to you with a detailed report for further action.

Why Choose Us?


In-depth analysis

We gain the required insights of each and every URL on your website using the best tools and practices.


Detailed Reporting

All our assessments are conveyed to you with detailed reports of why the content of a specific URL is to be left alone, updated, redirected or deleted.


Relevant Writing

When it comes to updating old content, our team of expert content writers and marketers can add relevant content to your website and get more eyes on it via social media marketing and content marketing.

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