Repositioning an Organic Food and Lifestyle Brand to Generate 4x ROI.

The ClientOur client owns an end-to-end production of locally sourced, organic foods and lifestyle products that come straight from the farms to the consumers. They market their products through their eCommerce website and amazon store. The probability of success becomes very bleak when a brand is vulnerable to fierce market competition. For humble and new eCommerce brands, a scarcity of opportunities can eliminate them from the race. The existing organic food retail sector is booming with new competitors each day.

Therefore, our client needed a holistic 360-degree eCommerce growth plan that could help them revolutionize their DTC branding, increase reach, foster an emotional connection with audiences, and attract more sales.

Flat sales, high competition, uninspiring profits, and nose-diving brand exposure were some factors affecting our growth. However, Saffron Edge's amalgamation of DTC brand strategies and a data-driven approach helped us achieve double-digit revenue growth! We are glad and delighted to experience this newly earned success.

DTC Marketing

The Challenge

 A Winning DTC Strategy: 

eCommerce optimization A 360-degree analysis helps us in finalizing unique paid/organic campaigns along with marketplace optimization. It involves building brand personality, personalized experiences, influencer content, etc. On the other hand, marketplace optimization involves - Listings Optimization, Amazon Store Re-creation, Category optimization, Ad Strategy, A/B Testing, etc.

Marketing Momentum & Funnel Efficiency :

We follow a phase-by-phase funnel approach where each stage has a specialized campaign optimized for profit and higher sales. An eCommerce funnel efficiency is optimized by improving metrics like Customer LTV, CAC, Churn Rate, AOV, Monthly Recurring Revenue, and NPS.

Making The Brand Memorable With Data-Driven Execution

To boost our client's growth, our marketers worked with comprehensive datasets. It helped them implement SEO marketing, CRO optimization, and targeted PPC campaigns. These allow them to generate valuable leads, higher conversion rates and boost average order value.

The Results

12.2x ROI

We generated an average sales of $55,000 with a spend of $4,500 from Amazon Marketplace campaigns.

9.6x ROI

The revenue generated via Google ads was around $50,000 on marketing spend of $5200.

CTR of 3.5%

The revenue generated via Google ads was around $50,000 on marketing spend of $5200.ConclusionSeveral organic food brands dominate the consumer market; hence, outperforming them was tricky indeed. But how did we manage to ace this sweet spot for our client in a competitive landscape? With an agile eCommerce brand strategy, our marketers could help them drive accelerated success. If you are looking for a similar kind of success, get in touch with our experts and see how we can help your DTC business!