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Claimed Top Local Rankings With Strategic Local SEO Campaign

The client is a leading fencing services provider in Arkansas and has been a leader in this industry for more than 50 years in the area. Being a local business, they needed an agency who could make them rank prominently on Google locally, drive a myriad a leads for them and make them convert.
  • Understanding the local markets and knowing exactly what motivates them is always a challenge. Deep industry, market & audience research is required to sharply align business objectives with the needs of the local customers.
  • Driving and converting leads successfully involves presenting the business in the best light possible at every customer-business touchpoint which requires a lot of additional research about fully understanding what exactly those touchpoints are
After auditing their website and going through the existing content on their website, here’s what we decided to do to achieve what we signed up for –
We conducted a thorough keyword research to figure out exactly what are the money keywords that local prospects are actively searching for and could bring our client the most traffic in their industry. That involved looking at the keywords their competitors were targeting for as well.
Updated the entire website content and internal structure based on those exact keywords and fixed the ‘Contact Us’ form on their website to make sure they were ready to impress visitors and make conversions.
To attract additional traffic, we built company profiles and citations on directories and platforms where local searchers were actively searching for our client’s services and made sure their contact details and other information was spot on.
Started outreaching industry influencers and authoritative publishers to feature their content (Guest Posts) on their respective platforms to get in front of new audiences.
Ran aggressive PPC campaigns based on keyword research to target local searchers searching actively for their services.
Targeted, created and maintained an active presence on the Social Media platforms where most of their local audience resided to gain some extra exposure.
Almost 40% of keywords started ranking on the top position in 3 months.
KeywordsCurrent Local RankingInitial ranking
Fences North Little Rock, Ar18
Fence Companies In Sherwood312
Little Rock Custom Fencing118
Iron Fencing North Little Rock, Ar322
Chain Link Fencing North Little Rock, Ar119
Little Rock Custom Fence114

Take Away

Making a website rank on the top locally on Google is different from what you do normally in SEO. The audience is different, the targeted keywords are different, the strategy is different and there needs to be a sharp focus placed on building correct citations on the most impactful local directories and platforms available in the industry. And we understand it completely!
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