A Local SEO Campaign Provides Strong Visibility On Google

The client is a full-service moving and storage company located on a three-acre campus in Upland, California – a suburb of Los Angeles. They have a modern state-of-the-art warehouse and a fleet of over 50 trucks, tractors, and trailers. The client provides moving and storage services throughout Southern California. These services include long-distance & international relocation, local moving, office & industrial moving, containerized storage, warehousing & distribution, and professional packing & crating. They wanted a strong search engine presence and came to us for assistance.
  • The client specifically asked us to build a strong search engine presence in Southern California for them. We took it as a challenge.
  • The client had never optimized their website for SEO and we had to do everything from the ground up.
After an initial SEO audit done on the client’s website by our SEO experts, we found out that the site was plagued with duplicate content, broken links, and low-quality backlinks which were hampering their search engine rankings. Apart from fixing these issues, here are some other things we did for them to marginally increase their SEO potential –
The first thing we did was to fix everything on the website that was hurting it’s SEO rankings. That included fixing all the broken links, low-quality backlinks, duplicated & shallow content and some navigational errors that resulted in poor user experience for the website visitor.
Next, with help of our web designers and developers, we re-designed the whole website and gave it a new, refreshed look along with improving it’s loading speed, making it mobile responsive and giving it a new, simpler navigational structure to stay in the good books of Google.
Our SEO expert then researched their industry vertical and found the most searched local keywords in the industry that our client absolutely needed to rank for.
With the help of our content writers, the keywords were incorporated in the entire website content and it’s meta-structure to gain more local search engine exposure.
The local SEO potential of the client’s website was enhanced further by listing the business citations in high-authority directories catering to their industry and optimizing and staying on top of their ‘Google My Business’ profile.
To strengthen their local SEO profile even further, we decided to start blogging for our client based on the chosen local keywords. The blogs were then consistently shared on high-authority social bookmarking websites and other quality blog directories in the industry to gain valuable backlinks.
Started running PPC campaigns based on those exact local keywords to quickly convert local searchers looking to take up our client’s services.

Client’s local search engine rankings were improved drastically within 3 months

Keywords Initial Ranking Current Ranking
Southern california movers N/A 2
Southern california moving companies 20 1
Moving companies southern california 25 3
United Van Lines Southern California 42 2

Take Away

Targeting local keywords usually delivers faster results than normal keywords as they are highly specific and the competition for them is slightly lighter. But by no means its easy, you will still have to optimize your website for SEO and take additional efforts to rank on local search engine results as well.
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