50% Increase In Conversions With In-Depth Competitor Research

The client is a leading name in Maryland & North Virginia for providing top-notch basement waterproofing services. They have been serving people for more than 28 years and wanted to push themselves further in the online space to reach a broader audience and expand their business across the US. The client approached us to develop a good SEO & PPC campaign and take care of their all the digital marketing requirements.
  • Extensive competitor research had to be done to figure out the exact keywords our client’s competitors were targeting and the backlink strategy they were using.
  • Since basement waterproofing is a very selective niche, we also had to target some keywords outside of our client’s core business to bring in traffic. Finding those exact high-traffic, non-business related keywords that would bring in relevant users was a task as it involved deeply understanding our client’s audience.
We kicked off our campaign with thoroughly auditing the client’s website in terms of SEO and the overall user experience it provides. That includes fixing the entire meta-structure of their website, removing bad links, fixing ‘404 errors’, updating website content and checking user flow.
Based on competitor research and our own keyword research, we created PPC campaigns for our client to bring in some quick traffic and increase their search engine exposure. To make users convert, we took care of designing stunning landing pages for all planned PPC campaigns as well.
Started blogging using those exact same keywords to attract additional traffic and strenthen SEO.
Outreached blogs to influencers and started guest posting on authoritative publishers to get in front of new audiences.
Strategically placed CTA’s on their website to reduce bounces and boost conversions
Asked existing clients to write reviews for our client on popular platforms like Yelp. Yellowpages etc. to establish them as a trusted business in the online space.
The traffic coming to our client’s website increased 8 times.
The traffic coming to our client’s website increased 8 times.

Take Away

Most of the insights we needed to amplify our client’s position in the online market was obtained from the initial competitor research we did for our client. Watching closely what your competitors are doing can easily give a direction to all your marketing efforts with guaranteed success and saves a lot of research time as well. That’s why we put it at the forefront of all our marketing efforts!
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