Business Consultation Services

Saffron Edge maintains a thoughtful and comprehensive process that is blended with innovative ideas, business understanding and global technology to deliver best business solutions.


  1. Expert and Experienced Consulting

Our solutions are designed to meet the challenges of constantly and rapidly evolving digital market.


  1. Creating Strategy

We start with studying various aspect of your business. We define your operating model, which includes various aspects. We keep a tap on the changes to ensure business cases are measurable and realistic.


  1. Digital Marketing

Our experts create digital experiences that leave last longing impression. We provide omni channel solutions, which can fulfill business objectives and preferences around the efficiency.


  1. Risk Management

Risk management and sound financial is the key to every financial institutions. Our approach revolves around these regulations, processes, products and risk at an aggregated stage. Our expert team keeps a tab of everything affecting your business.

We possess expertize on ongoing risk reviews, client onboarding, client screening, transaction monitoring and payment filtering. We even extend our services to assessment exercises and internal bank audit.


  1. Additional Capabilities

We leverage virtualization technology that helps in building a separate operational environment for every project and increase resource allocation in an effective and flexible manner.


  1. IT Effectiveness

With the continuous transformation in the IT business requirements, one needs to optimize management and employ technology that can support business. We balance the performance and cost for the services that requires high quality information technology infrastructure.



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