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What’s Branding And Why Do You Need It?

Do you know how you can rise above the noise in your business niche and build a unique identity for your business? By building a brand.

Building a brand is no walk in the park. It’s not about creating a new logo or website for your business (like most people think), it’s about establishing an all-encompassing unified brand experience that sticks with your customers.

At Saffron Edge, we study your company and figure out the kind of branding that your customers will love. We look at your business as a whole, ensuring that everything from your leadership to your visual identity is unified and presented to your customers in the most consistent way possible. This results in making an lasting impact that would result in repeat purchases and a loyal following.

Some of our core processes of Branding Services


Market Research

Getting to know what your audience likes and yearns for is vital to create a brand that shines in the eyes of your target audience. We gain a deep understanding of your target audience first before starting out with our branding efforts.


Brand Strategy

After the initial market research, we create a blueprint to streamline all your branding efforts. This collaborative process aims at defining a foundation and rationale for your brand and ensures that the design work is specific to your business needs and your audience.


Brand Visual Identity

Defining your core visual identity is an essential part of this step. This includes designing striking, expressive logos that convey your brand at a glance, choosing your brand’s color palette, typography, and carefully selecting other visual elements. Our designers try to strike a chord with your audience in everything they do.


Brand Naming

We are experts at giving a strong, expressive name to your business that is capable of telling your story in just a few words. Along with that, we will also create catchy taglines which convey to your audience what you do in the most effective way possible.


Brand Voice & Messaging

Having a unique voice and tone is vital to make an impact on your audience. Based on your business characteristics and the industry you serve, we give your brand a voice that clearly stands out from the rest, which in turn gives your brand a unique identity that can be easily recognized from the ordinary, rank and file businesses out there.


Web & Digital

The essence of your brand and all the chosen visual elements must be displayed in the best way possible on your website as well as any and all marketing materials. It is important to present a unified brand image to your audience. We can design or redesign your website keeping your brand in mind.


Content Creation

Our content creators can help you keep your brand voice consistent across all your marketing materials, blogs, social media posts and everything content-related to reinforce your brand image and fully realize your brand. We can put your brand left, right, and center in all forms of content you create.


Brand Guidelines

Branding is not a ‘do once and forget after’ thing, it is a consistent effort that requires your complete devotion. We will provide you with a technical guide containing branding specifications about all the design elements and communications style that will help your in-house teams replicate the branding we devised for your business.

Why you should work with us


Creative Designers

Our team of web designers is well-versed in creating visual elements that stick with your users and always try their level best to portray your business in the best light possible.


Branding Expertise

We have considerable amounts of expertise in creating holistic branding experiences for business of all kinds and sizes. You can rest assured that we’ll do all the legwork required to streamline your branding efforts.


Consistent Support

Branding usually involves making a lot of changes to the way your in-house teams work every day. You can rest at ease as we’ll walk with you every step of the way, making you understand why doing a particular thing will amplify your branding efforts.

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