Why Marketing Your Business During Covid-19 is in your Best Interest


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Apr 7, 2020


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We are currently going through one of the biggest pandemics of the current generation that brought a standstill to businesses and operations worldwide. The deadly Novel Coronavirus has affected more than 171 countries and is now posing as one of the biggest threats to human civilization. Many countries have gone under total lockdown and the lives of its people have come to halt. not today covid19 sign Source: pexels Since technology is playing a pivotal role to back us up during such times, companies are now working remotely to ensure the continuous workflow, despite the supply chain gets interrupted, imposed social distancing, and deteriorating economic conditions - Hence, causing some serious inconvenience to most firms. Businesses worldwide are following certain protocols to ensure the safety and welfare of their employees and are working from remote setups. However, that is only one part of the ordeal. Due to the uncertainty of the situation and economic slowdown, a lot of businesses are either putting their operations and marketing on hold. We wanted to write this piece for you so that you don’t follow the trend and can see how you can combat this outbreak situation and take the best option for your business. Let’s get started!

Cement Your SERP positions

Cement-Your-SERP-positions Source: pexels Organic Marketing is a marathon and it will help you now more than ever to stay ahead of your competition. If you look at search trends and impressions on Google, you will often see a decline in trends and this would lead to a lot of your competitors to stop their marketing efforts. While paid marketing and other channels that give you a faster return in exchange for a steady supply of investment in Google or Facebook, SEO can provide higher visibility for the long haul at a far lesser cost comparatively. What's more, when the situation improves and businesses resume their marketing services, you’ll already be in a far better position by then while others strive hard (and spend a lot more) to reach the top.   Revamp your website

Revamp Your Website

When you’re seeing a decline in lead volume and overall traffic and there is not much that you foresee you can do to serve your customers as well, take that time to analyze your website and revamp it. Website redesign and development take considerable time and with slow business trends, you can go aggressive into revamping your complete site before things start to pick up. We are working with a lot of eCommerce and medical and cosmetic industry clients and helping them rebrand their complete businesses so that they can have a fresh new website or portal when business picks up again in a few months.

Update Your GMB Page

GMB page for any business is a must-have. It showcases your business address, working hours and customer reviews besides company updates and images. There are many countries where businesses are allowed to operate on special hours. The special and advanced tools available on Google My Business Profile can help you in informing your customers regarding the changes made in your organization. All you need to do is update your business description and change the working hours. Then you will need to share Google posts with everything updated and make sure that your contact information is right so that customers looking to contact you can find you easily. An updated GMB page also ensures better local search visibility through hyper local and local SEO marketing.

Outreach Now for the Future

If you are not able to decide whether to reach your customer during this deadly outbreak then you will need to consider the nature of your business, your past relations with customers and the main motive behind this reach. If your customers are used to hearing from you through emails, SMS and other digital media communication channels then you should never cut off this bridge of communication. But you will need to stay away from any type of cheap disaster-related ads. You can also engage with content marketing experts who can help build connections with strong influencers during this phase for your business. Influencer marketing takes time and nurturing to produce results. So, now that the fast-paced life and busy schedules have come to a stand-still, you can find it far easier to connect and build up these strategic relations that can help you build your brand.

Link Detox

If you are running an online business then you must be aware of the importance and value of removing unnatural links from your digital presence. You will be surprised to know that just a few weeks ago, a website was manually penalized by Google but as the website removed the 1900 unnatural links, it jostled to the top 3 positions in the Google search engine ranking. Yes, unnatural links can be the biggest obstacle between your website and top search engine ranking. You need to understand that unnatural links are not always intentional and can be present on your website because of many reasons. Just go through any simple guide of unnatural links and learn how to remove them OR you can get in touch with our link building and auditing experts to get them removed.

Conduct Webinars To Stay Connected

Are you planning to introduce products, prototypes, services, or even simply hosting online education classes, tutorials and consultations, webinars are the way to go. Webinars offer a seamless virtual conferencing experience where you can interact with thousands of users and talk about your product, services or subject matter. Webinars Source: pexels According to a few studies conducted worldwide recently,  this is the best time to start your webinar plans. If you are in the B2B field then webinars in the current lockdown can prove to be a magic wand for your business as a huge chunk of people prefer webinars over any other content formatting for learning. If you are completely new to webinar then you will need to do a little bit of research for sure. Use Video Conferencing To Stay Connected Opting for video or tele-conferencing calls over physical meetings or gatherings is surely a better option in the current situation. You can use video and audio calls to ask customers and employees regarding their experience with your product or service. Even if you want to transcribe the audio, you  can do so by using tools like Otter.ai. Later, you can use this data for press releases, blog posts and other types of content. All the information gathered through video calls and audio calls will act as a rich source of inside information for your content. If you’re like most businesses these days trying to optimize your work and team efficiency from the safety of your homes then try integrating various project management and performance optimization tools that can help you stay in touch, monitor the tasks, and ensure your team and project productivity is always optimal despite the distance. We human beings have an indomitable spirit and we have surpassed many challenges in the past. This pandemic too shall pass and we need to find simple and effective solutions to ensure that our family, friends and business stay afloat no matter what. So, if you’re interested in learning about remote working or marketing ideas on how to sustain and grow your brand during these troubling times, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help you, as always! covid-19 Stay home, Stay Safe! 

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