Top Seven Benefits Of Using Twitter As A Tool To Drive Traffic In 2021


Aug 7, 2021


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Currently, Twitter is ranked at the 6th position among the most popular apps in the world. Twitter receives a massive amount of engagement, it receives almost 500 million tweets per day! Digital marketers believe Twitter is a great place to build a community of customers and an excellent social media platform to market products.

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Twitter advertising revenue went up to $899 million in the first quarter of 2021. That means it saw an enormous 32% hike in advertising revenue when compared to the previous year. According to Statista, as of April 2021, Twitter had 199 million daily active users.

As per the statistics released by Twitter in the first quarter of 2021, the total Twitter ad engagements also went up by 11% within a year. Hence, it is quite obvious why brands and businesses are so keen to market their products on this specific social media website. Here are some of the key benefits of using Twitter as a tool for marketing and driving traffic in 2021.

1. Connect directly via direct messaging

Just like several other social media platforms, even Twitter has the provision of reaching out to accounts via private conversations. Two users can hold private discussions over Twitter like any other social media app. The only requirement to enable dialogue between two accounts is that they must follow each other. Due to this feature, marketers felt Twitter isn’t a great place to come in touch with celebrities or influencers. However, they think it’s a perfect place to engage customers and provide them with an authentic and personalized experience.


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2. Use engagement tags.

The best way to deliver your tweets to a particular customer or an individual user on Twitter is by using the “@” feature. In this way, your tweet reaches directly to the recipient. Many businesses use the features to quote another brand, artist, influencer, etc., during a collaboration. Another great advantage of the “@” feature is that it allows users to receive tweets from people they might not even follow.

The branched algorithm of Twitter enables users to witness tweets from multiple other users depending upon how their followers engage with other accounts. The network algorithm also allows the user to see similar types of content that they usually engage with. With such a feature, you can club your Twitter marketing services and end up getting a tremendous amount of engagement and reach.

3. You Can Post Multiple Times A Day!

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is pretty friendly with brands and businesses posting a thread of tweets. Almost every Twitter Marketing Service Agency will recommend you to post fifteen tweets a day. Such freedom over the number of posts isn’t there on Instagram or Facebook. Since tweets feature for a short interval, Twitter’s algorithm is fine with multiple tweets.

It keeps the continuous feed engaging and allows you to send regular updates. In this way, your brand or business can stay relevant among the audiences. Marketers that provide Twitter Marketing Services use this feature as an opportunity to create a mixed variety of content. The most successful Twitter marketers use Tweets to educate audiences about a specific product or service; they post images, polls, QnAs, etc., that keeps the consumers engaged.

4. Develop A Consistent Brand Voice

With a flexible posting schedule, Twitter is a social media platform that can help your brand build its voice and personality. The tonality and texture of your tweets depend upon the kind of brand or business you own. The brands that sell pop-culture merchandise will have a sassy, more casual tone, whereas firms that deal with stocks or bonds shall use a more informative and formal style. Several fast-food companies have done campaigns that attract the youth; they talk about music, lifestyle, and more pop-culture stuff.

Many media entertainment or production houses use a sarcastic tone to keep their audiences engaged daily. Humor is one of the most popular elements that businesses use to keep their audience hooked. With a consistent and unique brand voice, you can interact with potential customers who share your existing clients’ same interests. However, as a public brand or business, you must take care of old and problematic tweets as they can cause some severe backlash. Otherwise, you can use Twitter to display the kind of energy your brand radiates.

5. Twitter Advertising Is Cost-Effective

So many companies are now looking for Twitter marketing services because advertising via Twitter is cheaper and more effective than many social media platforms. Most ads on Twitter cost a business something over a dollar! However, Twitter provides excellent scope for optimization.

A Twitter Marketing Service Agency can help you create campaigns that can maximize the impact of your ad. For that, you need to hire a team or a marketer who knows how to spend wisely and uses data-driven strategies to target your ads. You can perform A/B testing with your campaigns and customize them as per your preference. When it comes to optimization, Twitter is incredibly user-friendly!

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6. Influencer Marketing

In today’s modern world, no one can underestimate the power of influencer marketing. Celebrities on Twitter are known for their trendy tweets, and they have a lot of engagement. Many marketers have created phenomenal influencer Marketing campaigns that have yielded a higher return on ad spend.

However, there are too many influencers on Instagram, due to which there are too many products! Hence, you need to have a much fresher approach to influencer Marketing as Twitter has an enormous amount of potential to scale businesses. Twitter is also famous for having a high-purchase intent audience. Therefore, when consumers come across their favorite celebrity and an advertised product, they are more likely to purchase it.

7. Twitter Can Help You Drive Traffic To Your Website

Nowadays, social media platforms act as a homepage for businesses. As we discussed above, Twitter is the perfect place to develop a unique voice for your brand. Many users visit and follow the Twitter accounts of their favorite brand. If they get to see a well-optimized Twitter profile of the brand, they are more likely to become your brand advocates.

Many brands and businesses use Twitter as a medium to send traffic to their website. They also link their Twitter accounts on their website. In this way, when a consumer visits a website and finds a Twitter handle, they quickly check that out. If the brand can maintain a consistent identity across all channels, it helps them create their unique brand voice.

Now you know the reason behind Twitter Marketing Services being so popular. If customers get to a well-optimized Twitter account, they are more likely to become your brand advocates. Due to this reason, several brands and businesses rely on Twitter Marketing. Twitter also provides some fantastic metrics and native analytics within the platform, such as demographics, lifestyle, behavior, and mobile footprint. These metrics are pretty helpful to know if your marketer is planning to launch a campaign.