Introducing Google’s DV360: Where Your Digital Campaigns Take Flight


Dec 19, 2023


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You must have heard about Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) and how it is making everyone go crazy with its functionality. DV360, an ingenious creation by Google, is the ultimate haven for large advertisers seeking total command over their campaigns. This dynamic platform is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to seamlessly manage your digital media mix, align creative brilliance with strategic data insights, curate audiences precisely, and secure prime advertising real estate.

In this article, we embark on a journey through the expansive landscape of DV360, uncovering its ability to empower advertisers to craft multichannel media plans that resonate with their brand narrative. From connecting creative strategies with actionable data to navigating the complexities of audience management and digital campaigns, DV360 helps in transforming your advertising endeavors.

What Sets DV360 Apart?

There are many features that DV360 offers to digital marketers in order to manage all the media campaigns better. Below are some of the key features offered by DV360 that set it apart from its competitors:

  • Campaigns: Efficiently create, optimize, and monitor campaigns, order lines, and media insertion orders.
  • Audiences: Easily create and manage audiences with various functions:

    1. Audience Profile Analysis: Understand your audience using your own, third-party or Google data and combine audiences from different datasets.
    2. Activity-based Audience Builder: Craft audiences based on the activity of your Display & Video 360 campaigns.
    3. Frequency Limits Based on Audiences: Set frequency limits across audiences based on all exposure instances.

  • Creative: Tailor your creative strategy to the media and data plan with helpful functions:

    1. Ad Canvas: Design ads visually with real-time previews in the Ad Canvas.
    2. Format Gallery: Utilize innovative formats and templates from Google Web Designer for customized solutions.
    3. Data-driven Creative: Create message variations appealing to different audiences and establish rules to implement your creative strategy.

  • Inventory: Explore and manage high-quality inventory from chains and publishers while also discovering new opportunities in marketplaces and negotiating deals.
  • Statistics: Access all necessary campaign metrics. Certain functions assist in analyzing Display & Video 360 performance, enabling you to take essential actions based on these results.

Key Functions of DV360

Below are the key functions that this platform offers to its users:

  • Campaign Expertise:
    You can make and execute multichannel media plans effortlessly with DV360’s intuitive campaign management. Automated bidding strategies take the manual effort out of optimization, ensuring your goals are met efficiently and effectively.
  • Creative Brilliance:
    DV360 redefines creative strategy by seamlessly integrating data into your media plan. Empower your decision-making with potent tools for informed creative choices, ensuring your content resonates powerfully with your target audience.
  • Precision Targeting:
    You can excel in audience management with DV360, effortlessly creating, analyzing, and reporting on audience segments. Leverage advanced tools to combine remarketing lists and tap into customer data for precision targeting that drives results.
  • Diverse Inventory Access:
    This platform lets you discover high-quality advertising space with DV360, offering access to premier publishers, chains, Google media, and specialized inventory packages. Navigate fraud detection tools, explore advanced TV opportunities, and secure Google’s best video inventory for impactful campaigns.
  • Effortless Measurement:
    Access comprehensive global metrics effortlessly with DV360’s measurement function. Evaluate campaign performance with crucial metrics like viewability and verification at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate workflows across products and data to enhance efficiency and achieve optimal advertising results.

Making Campaigns with DV360: A Step-by-Step Guide

DV360 streamlines the entire campaign lifecycle, offering a centralized platform for media plans, creative development, measurement, and campaign optimization. Below are the steps to make a campaign using DV360:

  • Step 1: Access Display & Video 360
    Open the DV360 platform to initiate the campaign creation process.
  • Step 2: Navigate to Campaign
    Click on “Campaign” in the left menu to get into campaign management.
  • Step 3: Create a New Campaign
    Select “New Campaign” and input essential details:

    1. Campaign name

    2. Meta description and Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

    3. Choose the type of creative

    4. (Optional) Set planned spend for all insertion orders

    5. Specify campaign publication dates

    6. Set a frequency limit at the campaign level

    7. Choose inventory sources

    8. Specify default segmentation (e.g., demographic data, language, geography, brand security)

  • Step 4: Save Your Campaign
    Click “Create” to save your campaign and set it in motion.
  • Key Takeaways

    Google has always come up with new developments, solutions, and platforms to help businesses have a clear and streamlined marketing process. This launch of DV360 will do wonders in the campaign marketing processes. So, if you haven’t heard of it till now, you better buck up and sprint!
    DV360 is the new launch of Google, which is a platform to foster advertising in the digital domain. It offers a huge opportunity for marketers to run their campaigns smoothly and get their desired results within a certain time frame. For more such knowledge and regular updates, subscribe to our newsletter today!

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