Influencer Marketing: Face Of Modern Branding


Aug 14, 2017


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With the decline of traditional advertising in the modern world, TV and radio ads are being edged out by the latest trends of digital marketing.

Branding used to cost a pretty penny when it was on TV and radio but today Digital marketing came out as a much affordable and practical option.

In past few years, entrepreneurs, business professionals and marketing experts have put a humongous range of efforts to witness tangible changes in their conversion rates.

Inbound marketing emerged as the best tool for brands to communicate their ideology, message to the customers through content marketing, Social Media and other verticals of digital marketing.

A Quick Recap of digital marketing

In the last year, marketers learn to elicit the desired response on their content. In one way or another, brands cracked the code of communication through emotional responses. These responses proved to be the key social drivers in marketing.

Whether it’s a thought-provoking image or story, or even a noble cause to rally behind, emotional responses are often key social drivers in marketing.

In the past few years, content marketers have worked a lot over the creation of a quality content for Social Media and other web platforms. They have significantly boosted the content output but could not improve the engagement and value.

Rise of Influencer marketing in 2017

In the year 2017, digital experts realized the importance of branding and its valuable utility for the customers. In order to achieve the very goal, brands ought to reach out to people on a personal level. In order to serve this purpose, the marketers relied on the concept of Influencer Marketing.

Since almost everyone is sharing his/her delightful moments on Social Media at present, a few users turn as an influencer through their quality content and genuine recommendations.

Influencers have changed the game of branding

The only marketing technique which has a potential to attract higher ROI on conversion rates is the Word-of-Mouth. People trust a brand when they notice it being used by someone rather than advertising it. This simple psychology was earlier overlooked by brands while curating their marketing campaigns.

Almost every user on Social Media trusts recommendations from individuals irrespective of their acquaintance with them. It implies that modern marketers do not need to invest a huge amount of money and efforts on advertising their products. On a contrary, they need to approach these influencers to promote their brands.

Million dollar tip for influencers: Be original!

The one thing that both brands and influencers need to take care of is to avoid the practice of advertising their product. Influencers need to use product and services of the brand as a value in a unique way.

Why are TV advertisements not able to engage users?

In the modern world, people don’t want to be commanded or guided about their actions. Brands used to restrict customers from watching them the stuff of their choice. This interruption could be removed by seeking some sort of investment from them.

Obviously, we don’t want this to happen with influence marketing. In order to maintain a genuine influencer profile, marketing experts should balance the level of branding exhibited on their social platforms. This can affect your individuality and people will stop trusting your recommendations.

Wrapping it up with final remark

When it comes to brand communications, you have to think out of the box. Influencer marketing has emerged out as an anchor sheet in terms of connecting customers with the brands at a more personal level.

Currently, influencers are highly demanded due to their utility and brands should not miss this golden opportunity to engage with them. You can Contact us to know more about brand communications and latest digital trends in marketing.

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