Gear up for Google’s New Algorithm Update: Page Experience 2021


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Jun 16, 2020


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Google has recently announced an upcoming update to its existing search algorithm as page experience in 2021. You might ask what’s so new in this as Google is known for releasing around 400-500 updates along with fixes for its search algorithms each year.  Well, this is a well-known fact, but it is the first time ever that Google has announced an update that will be taking effect in the coming year. Usually, Certified SEO professionals get to know about the algorithm updates only after they have been implemented by Google.  The new update termed as Google Page Experience Update is being touted to change the whole scenario of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The rankings of the pages will be altered by this update because the new algorithm will rank the web pages based on the user experience. This means the websites that have been indexed for poor user experience by Google are much prone to lose their current rankings. This new metric of page experience is going to be a game-changer for most of the website owners and administrators. 

What Is Page Experience?

Google wants to make the user experience much more refined and smooth. To attain this goal the new metric of page experience is being introduced.  Google defines page experience as the metric to decide how the users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. There has been no official list of terms that affect the user experience of a website but considerable factors that may affect it are the speed of a web page, its affinity with HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, and the placing of ads. The pop-ups and display ads that spring up while surfing a page also determine the user experience score of a webpage or website. 

Why Is This Update So Important?

As it is clearly evident that the parameters of the new algorithm are dependent on many existing metrics. So why is this new update being considered in such high regard?  Being a user-centric platform, Google is devoted to refining the search metrics so that the end-user can have the best possible web surfing experience. And the blunt truth is that the users do not care about the number of backlinks that you have provided on your webpage or whether the page has an indexed code or not? While these features may provide the users with some additional accessibility, they are still not the sole focus of the user when browsing your site. Ask any link building specialist, and they will tell you that backlinks are for strengthening the on-page SEO and not for improving the user experience.  Looking at the online marketplace through this lens levels the playing field for big brands as well as small and medium-sized business owners. You already know the impact of a brand name on its SEO.  For instance, take a look at the SEO ranking graph of Neil Patel. Over time the SEO ranking for his websites has gone up. This increment is due to the ever-growing brand popularity of Neil Patel. He has converted his ad agency and his name into a well-known brand in the field of digital marketing. But Google is trying to change that with this new update. Google is aware of the fact that most of the online business owners do not enjoy the benefits of having a big brand. With this update, Google aims to give the sites a chance to grow its traffic irrespective of their brand name and brand value. This is being done to create a sustainable environment for the website owners, where everyone can grow their business. 

How to sustain and improve website performance in 2021

With every new update, a race to achieve the top rankings is commenced. This update is no different. There is no need to panic as Google has notified about this update months prior to its release. Based on the considerations that Google has indicated in its official announcement, here are the key pointers that will help you sustain and improve your website performance in 2021:
  • Content is still the king

Content is still the backbone of your whole web presence. Ensure that relevant content is being provided to the end-users. Without content, there is no audience. The quality of the content must be top-notch. Invest in a good content marketing strategy and build your content around the keywords that your users are mostly searching for. Hire an SEO specialist for a good content marketing strategy.
  • Mobile is the way to go

Certified SEO professionals advise creating a mobile version for every website. Google also rolled out an update for this way back in September last year. The update requires every website owner to have an AMP version of their website. The AMP helps the web pages to load faster on a mobile device.  Also, make sure that your website’s interactiveness is as good on mobile as on desktop.
  • Say nay to pop-ups

Pop-ups are considered to be intrusive for smooth user experience. They also hamper the SEO rankings and many certified SEO professionals advise against using them. So it is better to avoid pop-ups on your web pages. If it is almost necessary to place a pop up make sure that the pop up does not cover the majority of content on your webpage. 
  • Steer towards providing a safe browsing experience

The optional choice of incorporating HTTPS into your domain has now become mandatory for every website. HTTPS was introduced in 2000 to provide a safe browsing experience to its users. And from 2006 onwards Google has been pushing its usage actively.  With the increasing number of cyber threats, it has become necessary to use HTTPS. Additionally, it also affects the ranking of your page on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


With every new update, Google tries to make the virtual experience better and safer for its users. This update is a culmination of the updates that Google has rolled out in recent years. You will need to adapt to the same or else you might lose your ranking. If you are well aware of the metrics, then you do not need the services of a certified professional SEO. But in case you need to hire an SEO specialist, then you can contact us. We have SEO specialists and link building specialists that will help you to rank higher in the SEO rankings.  Certified SEO Experts

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