Elevating Your E-commerce Game: 5 Must-Haves for the Best Marketplace Customer Experience


Divya Sharma


Feb 8, 2023


5 min read

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The e-commerce space is getting vaster and wider by the second, necessitating more and more customers to shop. One of the primary contributors to customer retention is a good customer experience. 

Customer experience in an e-commerce business is what regular servicing is to an automobile; it sustains the latter. Customer experience is the manner in which the brand communicates with the customers during their buying journey. This is reflective of a lot of things; your brand identity, ideology, and attention to detail. It determines how you present your company and product to the masses and is a key factor in successfully transforming a potential customer into a sale. 

An ecommerce website development agency can help you boost your customer experience in the e-commerce segment by implementing the following 5 simple techniques.

5 Must-Haves for a Better Customer Experience on E-commerce Marketplaces 

Conversion rates are determined by several factors, but one of the primary ones is customer experience. Incorporating these 5 pointers will help you greatly. 

1. Customer is King 

The most generic saying in the marketing world is actually the truest advice for most of the problems one can have in the process. Keeping the customer at the center of the solution makes it easier to come up with a plan that will be well-liked and received by them. 

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, a 5% hike in your customer retention shall shoot up the profits by 25%. Organizations that understand the importance of custom retention work towards providing a seamless and break-free customer experience. Rewarding systems can help you with making retention easier. Some techniques to help you are listed below; 

  • Loyalty points or discount coupons for old customers. 
  • One great practice that a lot of small businesses have adopted is the practice of sending handwritten and/or customized thank you notes. It adds a personal touch and encourages the customer to shop again by setting a tone of gratitude. 
  • Referral systems help greatly in getting word of mouth and subsequent conversions 
  • Gifting to loyal customers is also a great way to encourage more people to shop frequently. 

2. Surprise Element 

The best part about online shopping is the impromptu sales and the pizzazz. A surprise element can be a great method to enhance a customer’s experience. Free shipping is a great way to delight your customer with low effort because shipping costs are always a bust when it comes to online shopping. A simple gesture like waving off the logistic costs can be simple yet effective. 

Always remember that a happy customer is the best form of marketing you can have. When dealing with cart abandonment problems, a cute customized email can do wonders. Subtle things are often the best way to handle such challenges. 

3. A Close-Knit Community 

Community building ensures loyal customers and a good customer retention level. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Oh Polly, etc., have built up communities that represent their brand identity and simultaneously keep fans loyal to them. Nike and Adidas have increasingly become a part of pop culture itself with their iconic designs and marketing. A similar approach is a smart one because, in the end, everything you do is to represent your brand and what you stand for. A loyal community shall advocate for your services and/or products. Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing because it involves honest feedback from the users. It increases faith in the brand. This is more than what any form of marketing can do for you. 

4. Social Media and the Power of Humour 

Social Media is a powerful tool to aid community building and marketing. Especially in industries like e-commerce, social media is an important aspect of brand identity and communicating with the masses. Companies like Durex have excelled in the art of moment marketing and employing humor as a method to pump up their engagement. People engage with their content in great numbers and share it, providing great word of mouth, aiding brand recognition, and increasing brand visibility, all at a nominal cost. 

Devote some time and resources into building your social media presence and employ tools that help you connect better with your target audience. Segregate time to interact with the followers and engage with the given feedback.  

5. Be Strategic With Your Content 

Content is crucial in e-commerce marketplaces because it helps shoppers make informed decisions and can ultimately drive sales. Product descriptions, images, and customer reviews are all examples of content that can greatly impact a shopper's purchasing decision.

Product descriptions should be detailed and accurate, providing shoppers with the information they need to understand the product and its features. High-quality images can also be extremely influential, as they allow shoppers to get a better sense of the product's appearance and features. Customer reviews, meanwhile, can provide valuable insight into the product's performance and quality, helping shoppers make more informed decisions.

In addition to helping shoppers make decisions, content can also help e-commerce marketplaces improve their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, making it easier for shoppers to find the products they're looking for. This is particularly important for marketplaces with a large number of products, as it can be difficult for shoppers to find what they're looking for without a robust search function.

In summary, content plays a critical role in e-commerce marketplaces, providing shoppers with the information they need to make informed decisions and helping marketplaces improve their SEO efforts. With high-quality product descriptions, images, and customer reviews, e-commerce marketplaces can create a more engaging and effective shopping experience for their customers

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