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Oct 12, 2018


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Being a proactive digital marketing company, we keep a close eye on the latest studies and findings in the industry to provide the best to our clients.

And recently, we came across a Clutch Research about how businesses are using digital marketing in 2018 and were kind of surprised by its findings.

From the 501 digital marketers (in the US) surveyed by Clutch, 81% of them actively use social media for marketing themselves digitally, 78% of them have their own business website to promote themselves and as much as 69% of them use email marketing to push brand promotions.


While we were clearly surprised to not see SEO in the top 3 (or even top 5) of this list, to our dismay, it actually is the least popular marketing channel amongst digital marketers in the US with only 44% of the marketers making use of it for increasing their online exposure.

If you don’t already know, we are die-hard fans of SEO!

SEO can be a game changer for businesses if done well and can bring a lot of search engine traffic and exposure to a business. So, in short, yes, it’s important and the attention it’s getting from marketers is kind of underwhelming, to say the least.

I think the editors at Clutch were surprised with the results as well, that’s why they took the effort to specify reasons why marketers aren’t interested in SEO as much as other marketing channels. But that is not what this blog is about.

As much as 81% of marketers use social media marketing for building an audience. But what platforms do they actually target? We know for sure that Facebook and Twitter would definitely be on that list. But are they enough?

Facebook is recently going through it’s own set of engagement problems and Twitter, despite of it’s huge audience, doesn’t deliver on active engagement much.  

So, the question arises.

Is maintaining your business presence on just these 2 platforms enough for your brand? Or should you diversify your social media marketing efforts to other major platforms as well?

The thing is, each social media platform out there has their own pros and cons to offer, not to mention, they all boast their own unique audiences as well.

Which you absolutely should tap on, to increase your brand awareness in folds.

But what are those other not-facebook-famous but popular enough social media platforms that you should maintain a business presence on to attract new audiences? Let’s find out –

1. YouTube


OK, you might have heard it a thousand times already but maintaining your presence on this video-streaming giant is a necessity for businesses looking to generate some awareness about themselves.

Video is still going strong and currently, YouTube is the hub of it. With more than a billion monthly active users, there’s no better place to hop on the video wagon than YouTube.

Moreover, since YouTube is a property of Google, you can also expect some SEO benefits with your YouTube videos, since videos usually come at the top of search results.

Probably the best part about YouTube is that you can reach a global audience without much hassle, the platform does the legwork for you.

For brand promotions, you can make use of product explainer videos, training videos, webinars, podcasts, and showcase customer stories. The audience of YouTube is so diverse, you probably will find people who like your content, doesn’t matter which industry you are in.

Your potential for gaining exposure for your brand is unlimited on YouTube.

2. Quora


If you possess a vast amount of knowledge of your industry and want to portray yourself as an authority in your niche, there’s no better way to start than Quora.

Quora is a social Q&A community where anyone can ask questions about anything and expect answers from the users on the platform. A great way to pour all your industry expertise out and help other people with your thoughtful answers.

Like YouTube, the 200+ million users present on Quora are diverse and you can find questions and answers on basically any topic on the platform.

Probably, the best part about Quora is that you can directly answer questions being asked about your products, services or brand and convert users straight from there. Also, you can provide insightful answers of questions related to your industry and can build your reputation as an authority in your niche for the world to see.

Here’s an example of the Quora profile of Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder of DuckDuckGo –

Gabriel Weinberg

If you are not aware of it, DuckDuckGo is a relatively lesser known search engine than Google that is focused on privacy. Gabriel Weinberg frequently answers questions related to his product on Quora and has built a solid following of 55k doing just that, providing useful information.

Start experimenting with the platform as soon as you can, but keep one think is mind, your sole motive of answering a question should be to provide as much value to the seeker as possible, don’t throw your sales pitches in your answers. That way you’ll quickly get flagged by Quora moderators and an account suspension may follow next.

3. Medium


If you are serious about blogging, for your business or for yourself, Medium is a great social publishing platform that you can make use of.

Founded by the co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, Medium originated as a place to write stories of more than 140 words (which was the tweet word limit back then) and share it with the world.

Today, Medium boasts some of the most thoughtful minds of almost every industry niche out there.

Medium can work as a great re-publishing platform to accompany your blog to tap into it’s diverse audience – which apparently is 60 million and is going strong. To gain some additional traffic and exposure, Medium is great.

You can start publishing on Medium as your sole blog as well.

The current revenue model they follow pays out on the basis of engagement you garner on your ‘stories’ (fancy name for a blog post). For that to happen,  you’ll have to join the ‘Medium Partner Program’.

Gaining some exposure for your business and earning something on the side for your blogging efforts doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

So, do give this awesome publishing platform a try to gain a few more eyes on your blog posts.

Know of any other social media platform that worked wonders for you? Let us know in the comments.

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