10 Best SEO Tools Every Webmaster Should Know!


Aug 20, 2018


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SEO Tools

Every webmaster wants to get on the top of Google, but actually getting there is no walk in the park.

You’ll have to take care of each and every aspect of SEO to crack it – backlinks, meta descriptions, content quality, keywords and 200+ other factors that Google looks for on a webpage to rank it on SERPs.

And taking care of optimizing all your webpages for all these factors can get a bit difficult for webmasters. Luckily, there are tools out there that can help you supercharge all your SEO efforts in a breeze. We actively use the helpful SEO tools we are about to tell you to provide unmatched SEO services to all our clients and drive massive search engine visibility and eventually, traffic to them.

So, here we go –

1. Screaming Frog

 Screaming Frog

We are hardcore fans of Screaming Frog and have been using this tool since we started offering search engine optimization services in 2009.

This tool scans your website like search engines scan the web and will tell you everything wrong about your website that is not chiming well with Google. It checks your website for a lot of things including meta descriptions, meta tags, duplicate content, broken redirects, robots.txt and a lot of other technical things.

So, If you are looking to conduct a full SEO audit for a website, Screaming Frog is your go-to tool.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

If your website runs on wordpress, you must be aware of this killer SEO tool, if not, you should install it as soon as possible!

Yoast SEO comes as a plugin extension for wordpress websites and is an all-round SEO tool that helps webmasters with optimizing their meta titles & descriptions, keywords, urls, XML sitemaps, duplicacy of content, redirections and content readability amongst other things.

It’s free but if you need some extra functionality, there’s a pro (paid) version available as well that you can opt for more SEO benefits.

3. Bright Local

Bright Local

Bright Local is just like screaming frog but this tool allows you to monitor and update your local citations across the web as well. Great tool to stay on top of Local SEO.

4. W3C Validator

W3C Validator

When it comes to SEO, the way your website is written can sometimes make all the difference.

Properly validating your website code for SEO using a tool like W3C Validator can bring to light some problems with your website code that you didn’t even know existed in the first place.

You’ll need to sit with your developer on this one. If you don’t have one, use our help.  

5. Barracuda Panguin

Barracuda Panguin

If you think your website is hit with a Google penalty, Panguin will help you make sure that your website is indeed hit with a google penalty (Penguin, Panda and the likes) or not and help you get to the bottom of it.

6. GT Metrix

GT Metrix

The time your website takes to load is vital in determining it’s search engine ranking. GT Metrix is a tool that will pin-point everything wrong on your website that is hampering its performance and will provide quick solutions to fix the issues as soon as possible.

7. SEMrush


No other tool will help you better with keyword research than SEMrush. Other than that, this tool will also help you monitor and analyze your website traffic, targeted keywords, backlink profile, website content and also gives you a sneak peek of your competitors’ backlink profile and the keywords they are targeting,   

Moreover, you can also conduct a sitewide audit with their new free SEO site audit tool.

8. Citation Labs’ Broken Link Builder

Citation Labs’ Broken Link Builder

Working on securing broken links from the web is a great way to strengthen your own backlink profile but can be a bit extensive as finding and securing broken links all over the web is no easy task.

Citation Labs’ Broken Link Builder simplifies this manual and cumbersome process as it shows you every broken link there is on the web for a specific keyword.

At Saffron Edge we use the same techniques to find out and create links for all the broken links for our clients.

9. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach makes reaching out to influencers a piece of cake. It is a tool that connects influencers with bloggers for easy collaborations. You can easily search for influencers in your industry and have a look at their platform specific following at a glance with the help of this powerful tool.

Also, the tool provides ready-made messaging templates to reach out to influencers in a jiffy. 10. Google Mobile Friendly Test

Google Mobile Friendly test

After Google rolled out the mobile-first indexing algorithm, getting a mobile website for your desktop website, if you didn’t have one already, became a priority. After the update, mobile friendliness became a detrimental factor in assigning search engine rankings to websites.

To help webmasters, Google created their own tool to make sure that webmasters complied to all the mobile website best practices there are and provided a seamless user experience to their mobile users. The tool weeds out and highlights every problem there is with your website that is hurting it’s mobile accessibility.

Are these tools the only ones out there? No way, there are literally thousands of tools out there that can help you with the above mentioned aspects of SEO. By actively making use of these tools you will be able to keep track of everything SEO related happening with your website and will help you stay on top of everything and gain better search engine rankings over-time.

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