5 Signs You should Outsource Adwords management


Jul 5, 2019


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How has PPC AdWords evolved?

From its humble launch back in Oct 2000 as a self-servicing advertising platform to launching Ad planner and Ad builder to becoming the largest CPC advertising platform, helping the business meet their customer’s expectation better, Google AdWords has come a long way. 

A Paid advertising platform under the PPC, Google Adwords or Google Ads, as it has been renamed to, is a marketing channel wherein the advertiser pays per click or impression for every ad. The more clicks your ads will get, the higher will be the probability of your ad to generate new leads, and the better would be the chances of converting to customers. But all this depends on how strong your ad campaigns are. 
Where is AdWords heading to in 2019?

Recently Google rolled out a plethora of new Adwords features that every marketer out there must heed to, to stay relevant in the competitive landscape such as:

  • Images will be shown in the web search results, but only on the numero uno rank, giving advertisers broader opportunity to fight for the attention of the qualified audience. 
  • Google machine’s learning will automatically sense the relevant information from a long video to better target the audience and display six seconds of video with that useful information in search results. 
  • The audience can be hooked to the products and services with Google’s latest update in enhancing the user’s shopping experience by displaying recommendation along with the ads, where Google has merged with Google express. 

More such changes will be implemented by Google later in 2019, such as deep linking, discovery ads format which advertisers should leverage upon for maximum brand awareness and enhancing their reach to potential customers. 

Why your Google Adwords is not working?

Having trouble getting impressions despite enabling Google Ads? There are three most common reasons behind the google ads not performing up to the mark despite consistent efforts, and those are:


While creating the ads, do you think like a customer or do not include the emotional/ human touch into it? Does your ad match the seeker’s search intent? Does your ad resolve the pain point of your target audience? Is your ad headline as per the keyword that you are bidding for? Ad relevance is of utmost importance to ensure the targeted audience is seeing your products and services. 


Just because adwords is a part of the pay per click marketing strategy does not mean that the job is done once they click on the link. Where’s your audience redirected to once they click on the ad? Is the transition to conversion glitch free? How impressive if the landing page? Is it optimized to ensure positive results? 


Are you still using the broad keyword in the hope that your brand will get noticed by the right audience? It might be doing more harm than good since Google might be placing your ad in front of the wrong audience. T is crucial that the ads are timely tested, added, removed, and tweaked as and when necessary to ensure maximum visibility to the ad. 

Why prefer outsourcing AdWords managementover in-house?

Considering the existing intricacies and the complexities that are about to unfold in PPC Adwords Management in the future, it has become ?crucial to let only a Google partner agency effectively devisee and manage your PPC strategies for maximum results. 

Why are we suggesting outsourcing and not burdening your in-house team with AdWords Management? 
Because when you opt for in house PPC management, you need to consider several aspects, such as:

  • Recruitment:

Finding a Google certified individual or a team can be a strenuous task. While some may proclaim that they can outdo the certified lot, you can not risk your business and client relationship in the hands of an uncertified professional. Not to forget, there is a slim chance of finding an AdWords specialist in the first attempt, which means significant wastage of time, money, and other vital resources. 

  • Training:

Even if you do find a proficient certified Adword specialist or team of such, have you calculated how much you will have to invest in training them to keep them up to date with the latest tools and technologies? The training cost can take a toll on your organization’s financial standing. 

  • Vacation/Day off:

Before you think about letting an internal team manage an aspect as critical as PPC, have you thought of what would happen if the team takes days/week off or if the specialist is unavailable for a few days? Who is going to manage everything? 

  • Experience:

Your in-house team will have limited experience and an extremely restricted perspective in efficiently running PPC campaigns, which will not deliver desirable results. 

  • Tools:

Competent PPC management means utilizing the right set of tools to ensure maximum visibility, the cost of which will be internalized by your organization, adding to the expenditure. 

The only benefit that we see from having an internal PPC management team is that the organization get total control over what is happening. 

Those mentioned above are the reasons why it would be profitable in the long run to invest in outsourcing an AdWords Management Agency over finding, training, and guiding an in house team.

What are the signs indicating your business needs to outsource the Adwords management?

If you are not convinced, then there are sure telltale signs to help you realize the significance of outsourcing, which are:

  • If you do not have the time to manage your campaigns or even check their progress adequately, it’s time you let industry expert effectively take care of it. You can not just set and forget a PPC strategy; you will have to be vigilant as to where it is taking your business. Not being able to keep an active eye on the campaign might result in poor customer experience, resulting in wastage of time and money. 
  • If you are planning to expand but do not have the budget to scale your in-house team, then an outsourced agency with its built-in expertise and a dedicated team always on your beck and call can enhance the probability of visibility and awareness. 
  • If you find yourself always rectifying the errors or in a hurry to mitigate the impact of a significant issue, threatening the business’s productivity, you need the help of a dedicated outsourced team of PPC agents to timely identify and fix any problem in its initial stage. 
  • When was the last time you checked your ad conversion rate? Can’t recollect? Well, unless you know your conversion rates like the back of your hand, you need to outsource an agency. Why? Because they will keep track of the conversion rate of every ad and do the needful, which is split testing the ones that are doing well and deleting the ones that are not performing. 
  • How is your quality score? Are your ads relevant to what searchers are looking for? Google makes it clear that a business’s advertisement will only have a good quality score when the content they created adds value to the seeker’s search and enhance their experience when clicked on the website. Your ads might not be relevant, and yet you could end up paying a hefty price. Only a proficient PPC agency can help increase your quality score and prevent you from paying high prices due to low-quality scores. 


What are the red flags to watch out for when outsourcing AdWords management?

  • While knowing when to outsource Adwords Management is crucial, it is equally essential to be careful of the shady agencies claiming to ensure your immediate success with the campaigns. Some of the warning signs are:
  • Instead of asking about your goals, they are too busy blabbering what their agency has achieved and how will they help you with their one size fits all approach and “professional” PPC specialist. If they are not asking about your goal; all they are interested in is in minting money. 
  • If you hear them only using the word traffic and not even remotely talking about their conversion strategies, then that’s your cue to show them the door. Traffic is undoubtedly essential to start a business, but you need conversion to establish and ensure yourself a bright future. 
  • If in spite of addressing Adwords account, keywords, ad copy, they subtly forget to mention how they are going to manage the landing page effectively, then that agency is not worth investing. As aforementioned, what happens after the click and how is the landing page quality are critical to ensure the transition to conversion. 

Those mentioned above should help you set a path towards adept AdWords Management for your business.

Imagine it for a minute, if you can!

What would you rather have? 

Managing an in-house team and simultaneously ensuring all other business aspects are adequately taken care of, which can quickly escalate to you letting go of the team if the results are not what you anticipated?


You would rest assured knowing that industry experts are coherently handling your PPC? 

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