5 Inbound Marketing Checkpoints To Verify Your Website Health


Saffron Edge


Jan 3, 2016


3 min read

A good website is not that which has been designed to portray beauty but that which has the power to pull in incessant loads of traffic and conversions. If your website is not having these all-in-one characteristics, then it may not  meet your demand in the meantime. problem-solving content marketing Your website’s health is the degree of responsiveness of such the site. It combines the traffic ratio, bounce ratio, user engagement on mobile and desktop, and subsequently the SEO response rate. If your site has a YES to all of these main checkpoints, then you perhaps might be looking at only a few areas to improve on. Inbound marketing is productive, nevertheless, the ups and downs hit once the website health is in a poor state. And the only way to figure and curb this is rather through proper check up on your site in a timely manner. Understanding important areas to perform a routine check, alter and remodel. Some of these marketing checkpoints to verify your website’s health includes:

Your Website’s Internal/External Linking

It’s quite funny to notice that some websites have more that 500+ External links within it; But maybe before one would say “Jack Robinson” the links are nowhere to be found. What do you have to say about this, evidence of quality backlinks? I guess no. It's advisable to ensure that your internal links are factors that would not break your site into boundless strands. Ensure that your link structure is strong and genuine (both internal and external). On the same hand, using automated means to enrich your website with links will not help it grow or mitigate the problems, but would rather incur more search engine penalties.  Also, splitting up your contents info into 400 to 500 pcs of non-related articles makes it difficult for search engines to categorize it.

Duplicate Content

Does your site have duplicate contents therein? This is another inbound marketing checkpoint to verify your website’s health status. A lot of businesses prefer letting professionals handle their website in their best practices while some believe magic would occur in a twinkle of an eye. Nonetheless, there are so many failure stories even so, more are flooding in by the day. Notify your website management on the issue of copied contents and give reasons why you wouldn’t tolerate the practice (these does not mean they engage in such practice, but it alerts them on your awareness).

Your Website’s Page Speed

No one likes to waste time on any non-informational article or piece. They’ll rather prefer taking a walk down to the next website or perhaps pinch the search engine for the second time. Here comes the juncture where the word SPEED comes into web development and inbound marketing. A website’s speed determines its conversion in general. Potential visitors are sure to leave immediately they noticed the sluggishness in loading speed of your site, and hence increases your site’s bounce rate. The solution is simple, optimize the usage of tools like Google Pagespeed Insights in analyzing your site’s speed. Hence, reduce the size of possible content components like images, page contents etc. Doing this will speedily improve your site’s performance.

Practical SEO

Understanding practical SEO is an added advantage, this helps to provide clarity to search engines crawlers as to what to translate. Bad SEO techniques aimed at maneuvering search engines crawlers with the quest to get top ranking is undoubtedly going to fail. However, you may enjoy it for a short period of time. This is an inbound marketing checkpoint where a professional business should combine to tackle.

Crawler Issues

When Search Engine crawlers fail to pick up your site on its routine indexing, this means your site is suffering from what is known as “Crawler Issue”. Why does this occur? There are so many things that cause crawler issues…

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