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Jul 26, 2019


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Dental Marketing

When search engines drive 93 percent of all website traffic, it's easy to see why advertising on Google Ads is the most effective way of generating leads for your dental practice. Google reports that 5 percent of all queries on their search engine are health-related. With a conservative estimate putting daily Google searches at over 3.5 billion, the numbers are too big to ignore. 

Google Trends shows that interest in "dentist near me" has more than quadrupled over the past five years. This holds a great opportunity for dentists to target online users that are actively searching for dental services.

Let's look at how you can maximize your online presence and start generating leads for your dental practice.

Keyword Targeting

Finding the best keywords to use is a significant part of setting up an ad campaign because you will be placing your ads in front of internet users who are actively searching for these terms. Choosing the right keywords to use is as important as the ones you choose to exclude. This is called using "negative keywords" and will make sure that your ad will not appear for certain words and phrases.

Adwords Management

For instance, keywords that do not signal buyer intent should be included in your campaign as negative keywords. These normally include keywords that show the user is looking for free information or for a service that you do not or cannot offer. For instance, if you do not provide service to patients without dental insurance, you can include a negative keyword like "dentist without insurance."

Your keyword optimization should also incorporate the proper localization strategy. Consider using keywords such as "dentist near me" and words that will trigger your ad for the locations you serve. An experienced dental marketing services provider can help you implement the best keyword strategy so that you capture clicks from users within the radius you designate.

Landing Pages that Convert

You can drive as much traffic to your website as you want through ads but you cannot turn a search engine user into a lead if you don't have a landing page that converts. Creating an effective ad campaign is half the battle. The other half is deciding which landing page design and what user experience is optimal for converting those leads once they click through to your website.

Check out one example of a landing page at Unbounce and look at the different elements that jump out you upon having the site load. There are fields where the user can enter their basic information and a call to action. Analyze what would be best for capturing leads for your dental practice and do some experimentation before deciding on your final design.

The testing can include A/B testing in which you try two different designs and adopt the one that attracts more leads. A/B testing is a concept that can also be used in your ad campaigns to determine which ads are more effective. A knowledgeable ppc agency can run A/B testing for you so that you are working with the best possible version of your ads and landing page.

GMB and Google Ads Connection

Google My Business, or GMB, is a listing service Google offers businesses. You enter your dental practice's location and Google makes sure to promote it on its search engine. The better job you do in embellishing your listing with relevant information, the higher Google will place your dental practice in its results. With 60 percent of users electing to use one of the top three results in a search to solve their problem, you want to do your best to maintain the best GMB possible.

Google My Business

Properly linking your GMB with your Google ads will provide your dental practice's presence synergies that will boost your status in the rankings. Google Ads works with GMB to provide relevant location-based search results for users. When your listing has relevant information and garners positive feedback in the form of good customer reviews, you signal to Google's algorithm that your dental practice should be displayed prominently because you provide the information and services that internet users are searching for. That's one of the reasons why choosing to work with an experienced ppc agency for your dental marketing services can push you past your competition.

Ads Automation

Adwords Express is a tool Google offers as a part of Google Ads so that advertisers can simplify dealing with the settings of their account. By using Adwords Express you can minimize the management necessary to maintain something as complex as a Google Ads campaign while being able to review the effectiveness of your ads right from your dashboard.

Other than using Adwords Express to cut through a lot of the complexity of your Google Ads account, implementing various automation tactics can further reduce your workload while increasing effectiveness. Google offers a library of scripts that can be used to automate many key processes including bidding so that you can have more time to work on other aspects of your business. You can use scripts to create useful reports, automate your list of negative keywords and set up account alerts; all which are operations that can help you maximize your lead generation.

Bids and Budget Optimization

Budget optimization is a balancing act where you have to set how much you are bidding for keywords while maintaining a low enough cost per click so as to make your Google Ads presence viable. There are a couple of secrets that will allow you to place optimal bids while not breaking the bank on your Google Ads budget.

Advertising on Google Ads requires a holistic approach so as to achieve the best results. Use your website's analytics to determine which keywords are converting the best. Focusing your Google Ads efforts on these keywords will not only ensure that you are in the right direction with regards to conversions, but also that you are signaling to the algorithm that your ads are targeting exactly the kind of content users are looking for on Google's search engine. Google likes this and will reward you with a lower cost per click on these keywords.

Finally, you don't want to go overboard with automating the keyword bidding process. The more you're involved in pricing bids for your most effective keywords, the more insight you will gain on what is working for your marketing and the more you will be able to squeeze out of your budget.

Geo Targeting

With your dental practice, you are essentially serving customers within a specific local radius. You need to determine what that radius is, whether it's your city, county or state, and set the appropriate parameters and keywords to target users within that geographical area. Spending a portion of your budget advertising to people outside your reach is counterproductive and wasteful, so avail yourself of all the tools Google Ads offers to target local audiences.

Retargeting Campaign

A study conducted by Nielsen showed that in general, most consumers need six visits on average before they make a purchase. You can use retargeting to make sure you remain fresh in your visitors' minds so that they end up booking an appointment with your office.

Retargeting has come a long way since the days of creepy ads following you around the internet, bashing you over the head to complete your purchase on the website you just left. By using audience segmentation and by diversifying your offers, you can make sure to discreetly approach your website visitors on other web properties they visit, giving them a reason to choose you for their dental needs.

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