5 best ways of Acquiring More Patients Online for Your Dental Practice


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Sep 9, 2019


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Having a perfect smile is a dream that the majority of the population chases. Your dental practice helps get rid of the pain and insecurities of the people. Picking a dentist is like buying a car, it’s a long term commitment, and only when a person completely trusts the functioning of a vehicle, he/she will then purchase it. Same is the case with your clinic, only when patients completely trust your practice, will they choose to come to you for their problems. How do you get people to trust your practice is the real question. The internet is the best way to gain and retain patients nowadays. If you're not utilizing online marketing, you are missing out on patients (and money). Here is a comprehensive guide on how to acquire more patients online for your dental practice, along with some dental marketing tips.

1. Create an Effective Website

The majority of patients today search for clinics online. If you don't own a website yet, you’re basically invisible to a lot of potential patients. Creating a website that displays all of the information regarding the location of your clinic, phone numbers, hours of availability, services provided, prices, and other important details prove your digital and physical existence.  On the main page itself, try to include unique aspects of your business, such as the field you specialize in and also specify the procedure on how patients can schedule appointments. At the same time, you should keep in mind that your website should look and feel engaging and interactive.  Staying up to date with the present generations trends is very important. You should regularly update the key aspects of your website. Updating your website from time to time, giving it a fresh new look, proves that you are digitally active and dedicated to providing services to the people. The online world is always changing and evolving; your business needs to adapt to this environment.  Let all creativity loose when it comes to making an awesome website. Staying relevant is key if you want to survive in a cut-throat environment, and it can only be achieved by regularly pushing out new content on your website. For a start, you can add infographics, creatives, videos, patient testimonials, and relevant blogs etc. There are a number of companies that provide services, which you can use to build a creative and informative website. Digital Marketing companies are built around the idea of creating interactive and effective website plans. By opting for these services, you need not worry anymore about your online presence; you can then put in 100% into your practice.

2. Create a Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are in abundance. People are addicted to the online world and according to research, “In 2018, an estimated 2.65 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 3.1 billion in 2021.”  There are a number of different social media platforms available for you to advertise your business on. In this modern age, for people to know that your business exists, you need to have an active social media presence. Users only want to view content that is relevant and engaging to them. Your posts need to be both informative and creative at the same time. Get creative! For you to gain more patients, you need to portray your business in the best possible manner. Take the assistance of companies that provide Social Media Marketing services, as they are equipped with the best of strategies and plans. A well planned marketing strategy can greatly benefit your practice; by increasing traffic on your website, creating a strong online presence, boosting trust and credibility, and most importantly increase the amount of patients.

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3. Utilize Reviews

When people compare options for dental services, they look at reviews to see what other people have to say about different dentists. The reviews that patients post is very crucial for your business’ reputation. Encourage patients to provide you with feedback for the services they receive. If those reviews are in a  good sense, publicize them on your social media and website. Make sure to use recent reviews and the ones with positive feedback. If you do get a bad review, device ways of turning them into positive ones. Provide answers for the negative feedback and give a statement of regret where necessary.  Reach out to them with customer service and do what you can (within reason) to satisfy your patient.

4. Email Marketing

Everyone utilizing the internet, has an email today. Most people will enter their email down to sign up for an appointment. Once you have their email address, you should use it to send them reminders about appointments and any discounts you might be offering. Similar to social media, you need to maintain a balance between sending enough emails and too many. Spamming should be avoided at any cost. You should keep people engaged and informed without forcing them to unsubscribe. If you can, give the patient something in the email that will encourage them to stay subscribed. Plan an email marketing strategy in such a way so as to keep yourself far away from the spam folder.

5. Answer Popular Questions

Majority of the population turns to the internet to get answers for their questions regarding their dental issues. By taking the initiative to answer those questions, you build trust and credibility. At the same time, you can advise those people to visit your clinic to receive expert guidance and care. Use your social media presence to solve patients dilemmas and at the same time, advertise yourself. When professionals answer questions, their word is taken seriously by the majority, and you can use your knowledge to disregard incorrect online information. You can help people to get a proper understanding of specific topics with the help of detailed blogs, articles, videos, creatives, infographics etc.

It's All About Branding

When utilizing online marketing options, it's important to keep your business’ goals and objectives in mind. There are a number of different ways to establish your practice. You need to think of the manner in which you want to portray your business. Once your online presence is established, you need to ensure that everything and anything that you post is in total relevance to your practice.  aYour main objective is to gain more patients, and to achieve it you need to have a strong marketing strategy. For instance, if you want to target families with children, then your content should be according to certain specifications. You will need to create content that would engage both the parents as well as the kids.  So basically, when targeting different audiences, you need to keep in mind their preferences and accordingly make them interact with your content. The internet is a very valuable tool, and your dental practice can really take advantage of the marketing options that it provides. These creative dental marketing ideas are sure to increase the number of patients you currently have. If you utilize these tools with a well-planned marketing strategy, will business will definitely grow. Creating a strong website and an effective marketing strategy requires to be done by experts. Check out the services we provide, it will really help you.

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