4 Ways To Feed Your Content Marketing Campaigns With The Right Content


May 5, 2016


3 min read

Getting the content your marketing campaign needs is often a difficult proposition. This is because there often are a dozen or more categories of documents that are needed to be prepared and each must be geared to the particular needs of your specific campaign.

Right Content

There is a way to get it all done! We are going to show you 5 ways to get the content you need in the quantity you must have in order if your campaign is to succeed. Inbound marketing uses many techniques that are not in the ordinary bag of tricks of markets if you notice the plethora of the get-rich-quick schemes you see advertised on the net today.

Many of them use Direct Mailing, where you are taught to locate a market and saturate it with emails, flyers, and brochures. Cold calling is another example that has worn out its usefulness as well. Instead, we are going to use 5 other methods that are much better suited as they permit the customer to come to you instead. This way they do not feel pressure or that they are being stalked.

So let’s start with our first and one of our favorites.

1. Inbound Marketing Strategy

Set up a Weblog and it will bring people to you in your particular niche quicker than anything else can on the web. We know it sounds like you’re giving the horse and the cart away for free. But, there is a method to this madness. People in your niche want to socialize with their own kind and if you provide that with a blog and you salt it with enough good information people will start to look for you for the answers.

Once you are established, as the expert in a particular niche the rest is simple as people like to talk about things. But when they want it done, they are reluctant to do it themselves. This gives you the opening you need to promote your product or service as long as it is done tastefully no one complains and the people you’ve helped will write you up and you can then post that as well.

This brings us to our second secret strategy for Inbound Marketing.

2. E-Books

Everyone likes a Freebie. Giveaway e-Books are one of the best ways to bring ’em back for more. So once you have your blog up for a bit you’ll actually find you have sufficient material to compile in an e-Book form.

Singing packages live Scrivener this becomes child’s play and what is even better besides having it on your blog or website as a freebie. You can publish it on Amazon as well and you can make a profit from it along with attracting people to your Blog and your core business as well.

But an E-Book can spawn yet another Inbound Marketing tool.

3. Podcasts

Once the material you had on your Blog is in E-book form it can easily morph into a Podcast as well. Now you can reach those who prefer to listen to read and this is a great way to make your Blog posts earn their keep. First by having, your Blog turned into E-Books and now by changing the E-Books into Podcasts as well.

But let’s look at another way that again your original material can be re-purposed yet again.

4. How-to Videos

You see how the natural progression that the written content goes through as it evolves. The next step up the evolutionary ladder is in the form of “How to Videos” that put into practice what your niche Blog talks about and this will further endear you to your audience as many now want to use their smartphones as their window to the world and videos are the way into that world.

But let’s take a few steps back before we take you to the final strategy. How does one generate the amount of content required to create such an empire of words?

This is easier than you might think. One method is to learn the secrets of the art and science of Speedwriting. Various teachers have been teaching it for years and Alan & Ellie Devers are the Pros at teaching it and implementing it.

The other method is to have a staff of writers churning out the content you need. That way you hire the people that already have this amazing skill and now we come to our final Strategy to get the massive amount of content that your Inbound Market strategy requires.