4 Myths About Virality


Feb 9, 2016


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Virality is not only concerned with marketing or used only in business analysis but also in a wide select of field. The impact the word has in every day to day business world has given it a big name in the business world.

Once the term “Virality” is horned in marketing, social marketing comes into play. Kissmetrics, a frontline online web marketing company based in America described viral marketing as a marketing technique that optimizes the use of pre-existing social networking services and other reachable technologies in business promotion. In my own simple definition, I truly believe viral marketing involves the use of consumers (as middlemen) in spreading the news about a brand, product and commodity plus achieving other promotional objectives.


Viral marketing is part of surefire business marketing, all marketing gurus must know this and hence, fight to rip from it’s bounteous benefits. Though a good number of marketers may find traditional viral marketing very tough and challenging to achieve, thus it is worth the trouble once the benefits start flooding in.

Relatively expensive

Since viral marketing has more to do with word of the mouth, don’t you think it might gulp some good deal of capital and cash investments? Indeed gargantuan multinational companies like Coca-Cola, 7 Up, Cadbury, Nestle and lots more of them are good point of reference for viral marketing. These Companies invest huge sum of raw cash on promoting its brand, products and subsidiaries in the viral marketing pipe, even so, they have attained a greater height in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

Uniqueness of Idea breaks the yoke

This is one myth you’re sure to have known all these while. Success through viral marketing isn’t easy to come by, but with a great idea, great things are sure to happen. Be creative, figure out something unique, interesting and above all, eye catchy so as to last a while in the minds of your viewers and readers. It’s not necessary to have Jean Claude Van Damme do a split in between Volvo trucks, but could seemingly come up with something groundbreaking.  For people to love your ad, pay attention, and perhaps be motivated to spread the news about it. Then your work has to be exceptionally scintillating and marketable.

Humor triggering

I recently came across a very wide and ginormous sign-board in the heart of one of the biggest city in West Africa some couple of years back. Guess it was proposed to serve as a viral marketing element, but to my surprise. Guess what is saw! The message as portrayed in it was “Branded! Coming Soon” (with the brand logo just right beside it). I couldn’t help but to twist around my neck to take a second stare at it; behold i was flabbergasted.

A good number of people saw this as a waste of money, time, and resources; yea because it calls for humour.  But taking a second thought at the scenario, I immediately came to realize what the advertiser had in mind. He was trying to create awareness through mere three words “Branded! Coming Soon”.

Be Short and Simple

The example as illustrated in the previous paragraph got it all; what the viral marketer did above is an explication of what this line says. It’s not necessary to incorporate all your thoughts and messages here in your marketing aid. All you need is a very succinct and yet straightforward explication of your goal, the rest will take care of itself.

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