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What Is Product Design In UI/UX?

Retail Tech UI-UX Product Design covers all the aspects of the overall feeling and experience of the product as a whole. A product designer will always work on the feel and the usability of the product and it will always be a part of the overall UX/UI design.

What Are the Three Main Aspects of Digital Product Design?

Product Layer

It is the side of the product you are currently working on and it has a minimum of 5 layers; Surface, Skelton, Structure, Scope, and Strategy. All these are going to act as an element of the user experience design.

Product Stage

Product Stage has three parts; early, mid and mid-late. The early stage is the forming of the idea and the beginning of the design process from scratch while the mid-stage involves adding new features to the product and the mid-late includes more detailed work.


The organization includes the designer requirements and it covers the stage, goal, and the size of the company as well. So we can say that organizational structure is a vital part of the organization part of product design.

How Saffron Edge Can Improve Retail Tech UI-UX Product Design?

We use a specific approach when it comes to product design and till now, we have been able to surpass the expectation of our clients with this approach.

UX Research And Prototyping

Retail Tech UI-UX product design delves into a deep understanding of the use and detailed analytics. Good research is requisite to a better product design and since it is crucial for all stages of the product lifecycle; design, development, testing, and maintenance, we manage it with precision. This stage also includes;

  • Data garnering
  • Information architecture
  • Low fidelity prototyping
  • User stories and personas

Visual Design and Creation of System Design


Our team develops a visual design concept on the basis of the data gathered and this will be sent to the client for review.

Visual Design

designers work on customer interfaces for every screen across different devices where the product will be visible.

Design System

helps in allowing your project to scale the project in the future and it also helps in boosting the speed of our developers

Live Testing of Usability

Iteration of user research is a part of our process and it is done after the implementation. On the basis of deployment, we use A/B testing, drop off, and usage analytics to give the best results to our clients.

What is the Difference Between a UX/UI Designer and a Product Designer?

product designer usually works in a team along with other design experts and he also needs to take directions. Also, a UI/UX specialist needs to learn how to manage time efficiently, use prioritization of tasks assigned and collaborate effectively.

a product designer can lead an entire team and he might need to give direction to other members as well. Also, they need to keep on working on the small operations while keeping the main objective in mind and they should be able to both delegates and defend the decisions they have made.

What are the Benefits of a Better Product Design?

Improved Customer Acquisition

With a better product design, you make the audience believe that your product can solve their issues and it is worth their earned money. So, instead of scouring the internet, they just choose your product.

Helps With Customer Retention

By building a product design that is both intuitive and beautiful, you can encourage more people to use the product. And more importantly, the audience will want to keep using the product in the long run and this is what leads to better customer retention.

Optimized Development Cost And Time

A better product design means the ability of the developers to integrate new features will improve and even the time spent on making changes will reduce. This will result in faster deployment and less waiting time for the customers.

What are the 5 Important Aspects of a Good Product Design?


Retail Tech UI-UX product design should include the understanding of the project which in this case is product design. One should be clear about what he wants to achieve through product design.


Thorough research of both the competitors and the audience is a requisite for a successful product design because the product design will as good as your understanding of the market.

Long Term Plan

Retail tech UI-UX product design strategy should not be narrowed down to only the goal at hand rather it should also consider the long-term vision of the company.


Implementation of product design doesn’t end the process rather this is where the maintenance part begins.

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frequently asked questions

It depends on both the scope of the work and team size. For example, designing an MVP for a new product can take up to 3 months but if you want to conduct only user research then it can be done in one to four weeks.

UX focuses on the usability of the product while product design focuses on the usability and experience of the product.

Retail Tech UI-UX product design focuses on both user needs and business needs.

Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch are the most common tools used for product design. However, it varies from one team to another.

The development team is included in the project during the design stage and this team focuses mainly on the technicals obstacles.

It helps in turning all your ideas into reality by using the best tools and technologies within the set deadline.

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