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DTC Paid Media Retail Tech MSA AWS is the most popular and reliable cloud service provider that gives scalable, powerful, and safe database storage, content delivery, and different types of cloud services that allow firms to fuel the growth on the online platform in a more efficient manner.

Saffron Edge Makes MSA Implementation on AWS More Productive

We Deliver Fully Managed Retail Tech MSA AWS Services Designed to Protect Your Resources


We offer you the best of both worlds, AWS and MSA since we have dealt in microservices for a long time and have AWS experts in our team.

Tools and Technique

Business of every size relies on us for MSA implementation on AWS since we rely on the best tools and techniques.

Economical Pricing

Large retail firms and even small retail firms with limited budgets can harness the power of world-class Retail Tech MSA AWS service as our pricing is pocket-friendly.

A long list of satisfied clients

We have been serving in the industry for a long, and therefore, we have a long list of retail clients whom we have helped with the successful implementation of MSA on AWS.

Why Should Your D2C Brand Consider Retail Tech MSA AWS?

Get Maximum Protection Against Unauthorized Access or Data Loss

Ease of use

AWS has been specially designed to allow independent software vendors and application providers to safely and securely host applications without dealing with any type of complicated system.

High Security

It doesn't matter the size of your company; you are always going to get world-class security with AWS. Many layers of security on AWS make it perfect for MSA implementation.


If you are running a small business and dealing with budget constraints, AWS can still be your best choice as the user on AWS pays only for the resources used like computer power, storage, and much more.


Retail Tech MSA AWS gives a secure and powerful global infrastructure that reduces downtime, recovers quickly for failure, and dynamically acquires the resource in demand. It helps in mitigating disruption as well.

What are the Services Offered by AWS That Compliments MSA?

With Saffron Edge, You Get Guided Detection & Response across all Cloud Environments.


We can implement MSA in the form of containers on Amazon Elastic Container Services through the AWS serverless ecosystem. Or, we can even implement it on Elastic Kubernetes Services.


When it comes to data storage then, in most cases, MSA relies on ElasticCache and Amazon Simple Storage Services as they help in secure storage of data.


Both AWS app Mesh and Amazon ECS Service Discovery can be used by MSA for clear and simple coordination and communication. Also, AWS Elastic Load Balancing can be used by MSA for dynamic traffic routing.


Through the very useful Amazon RDS, MSA can always rely on relational and managed database services. In addition to this, it can also use Amazon Aurora as it is also a cloud-native database.

What Are the Three Most Common Approaches for MSA Development On AWS?

Get Quick Repairs & Upgrades with Minimum to no Downtime.

Serverless Function Through AWS Lambda

While using AWS Lambda, one can easily run codes, measure performance, run it in production, and even adapt to the real needs without dealing with any configuration of the infrastructure.

Dock Containers Through A Serverless Model Via AWS Fargate

Fargate is a type of container management service provided by Amazon Web Services, and it is usually used for running serverless containers. This wipes out the need to scale or cluster virtual machines.

Running Managed Kubernetes Clusters On AWS

The third option that businesses have while implementing MSA on AWS is to manage all the deployments of Enterprise Kubernetes by using the very popular Elastic Kubernetes Services as it is also a reliable option.

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frequently asked questions

What is available in AWS MSA architecture?

Compute, Storage and database, Networking, Messaging, Logging and monitoring, and DevOps, all these services are available in AWS MSA architecture, and this makes it the most comprehensive platform for MSA implementation.

How can we reduce operational complexity while implementing MSA on AWS?

For reducing the complexity, one will have to use the following three services of AWS in a precise way;
  • API management
  • Lambda functions
  • Deployment of Lambda-based apps

What are the tools available in AWS for MSA?

  • Service Discovery -Eureka and Consul
  • State management and orchestration- Step Functions
  • Security- Amazon API Gateway
  • Communication and Messaging- Kafka

Is MSA implementation on AWS expensive?

No, even small businesses can go for MSA implementation on AWS as AWS is pocket-friendly, and that’s why it has a big portion of small business percentage in its overall client base.

What are the three most common layers in a typical MSA application on AWS?

  • User Interface- Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3
  • Compute Implementation- ALB and Amazon ECS
  • Data Store- Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon DynamoDB

What is the pricing model used by AWS?

AWS uses the simplest and most economical pricing model, ‘pay-as-you-go.’ This means you pay only for the resources you use.

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