Retail Commerce Services

Welcome to Saffron, where we will help you expand your company through all digital channels and platforms. Making your retail business visible and easily accessible online is crucial in the digital age. You can accomplish it with the aid of our knowledgeable staff.

We are aware of how fiercely competitive the retail industry is, and we want to help you stand out from the crowd. Our staff will give you access to the newest trends and technology, enabling you to reach a larger audience. We have you covered with everything from SMS-based solutions to mobile wallets and QR codes.

We'll ensure that customers can always find your store when they want to shop.

Our team will collaborate closely with you to comprehend your company's needs. After that, we will create a unique solution that is tailored to your company's requirements. Our services are created to give you a competitive advantage and grow your retail company.

We take pleasure in what we do, and our staff is committed to providing top-notch services. We value openness and will keep you updated at every stage of the procedure. Thanks to our tracking assistance and reporting, you'll learn how your company is doing online.

There is no need to look beyond Saffron Edge's Retail Enterprise Services if you want to modernize your retail operation. Take the first step toward a prosperous digital future by getting in touch with us right away.

Why is it important?

How embracing the power of digital marketing will take your retail business to new heights?

Audience Intelligence

Improved Visibility

Having an online presence is crucial for any retail firm because most consumers conduct their product research and purchases online. You can increase the visibility of your business to potential clients who might not have otherwise found it by moving it online.

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Widens Reach

A bigger audience can be reached by making your company accessible on all digital channels and platforms, including individuals who might not live close to your physical shop locations. This might assist in growing your clientele and extending the reach of your company.

Ad Creation

Customer Convenience

Consumers may browse and buy things from anywhere at any time when they shop online, making it convenient for them. You can boost client happiness and loyalty by providing this convenience and sales.

Sharp Targeting


Maintaining an online store is frequently less expensive than doing so for a physical one. Rent, utilities, and employee costs can be reduced while still allowing you to contact clients worldwide.

Ad Optimization

Omnichannel Experience

Offering a seamless cross-channel buying experience can improve client loyalty and engagement. Regardless of your consumers' digital platform, you can give them a seamless and user-friendly experience by integrating QR codes, mobile wallets, and SMS-based solutions.

Omni channel Advertisements

Competitive Advantage

Moving your retail operation online can provide you an advantage over rivals. Given the rising popularity of internet buying, businesses that don't have an online presence run the danger of slipping behind.

Why Saffron?

At Saffron, we are aware that having a physical store is not enough to run a successful retail operation. It's crucial to create a website that is optimized for your target audience. In response, we are here. Your eCommerce platform will be transformed into an omnichannel shopping experience with the assistance of our team of specialists, which will thrill your customers and support business growth.

For you to comprehend your customers' demands and preferences, we'll work with you to develop a 360-degree vision of them. We'll use this data to assist you in creating a technological strategy that will allow you to provide a smooth and simple purchasing experience across all digital platforms and channels. We'll offer you the newest technology and market trends, including mobile websites, mobile wallets, and QR codes.

We'll help ensure your platform is reliable, speedy, and easy to use so that your clients can effortlessly discover what they're looking for and make purchases. Our aim is to assist you in developing an online presence that rivals or surpasses your physical store. Therefore join forces with Saffron right away, and let's grow your retail operation.

Our Services

Omnichannel Presence

For retail companies, omnichannel commerce is a game-changer. It enables merchants to deliver a unified shopping experience across all platforms, including online, mobile, and physical stores. Via this service, users may simply switch among channels while completing a purchase, ensuring a seamless and consistent shopping experience.

Retailers may boost client loyalty and gain a competitive edge by utilizing an omnichannel commerce platform. Retailers may build an omnichannel strategy that unifies all of their sales and marketing platforms into a cohesive, integrated platform with Saffron's experience.

Retailers can also get a 360-degree perspective of their customers through an omnichannel strategy, including information on their preferences, buying habits, and past purchases. Making more educated business decisions, improving client retention, and personalizing the customer experience are all possible with the help of this data.

Logistics Management

Whether an online or offline retail organization, order management, and fulfillment are essential components of its operation. Retailers need to have a strong logistics operations and fulfillment infrastructure in place as more and more customers opt to buy online in order to guarantee customer happiness and retention.

For retailers, effective order management and fulfillment are crucial, and we at Saffron are aware of this. Our team of professionals offers a wide range of services to assist shops in efficiently managing their orders and ensuring prompt fulfillment.

Our order management systems help shops handle orders more quickly, with fewer mistakes, and with happier customers. We work directly with them to create specialized order management systems that satisfy each client's particular business needs.

App Development

Retailers may gain a lot from consumer mobile applications, including higher revenue, better customer experience, and improved engagement. Retailers may enhance the customer experience and increase sales by utilizing the variety of capabilities offered by consumer mobile applications. Retailers are able to give personalized recommendations, deals and promotions, and frictionless checkout through the use of mobile apps. Also, shops can send push notifications about new products, promotions, and deals thanks to mobile applications, which give them a direct line of connection with their customers.

In order to ensure that the app is suited to the particular needs and preferences of your target audience, Saffron develops mobile apps using a customer-centric approach. Using the most recent technologies, our team develops a mobile application that is fast, visually beautiful, and simple to use.

Integration with Shipping Companies

Each retail company that sells things online needs to integrate with shipping companies. It enables the company to optimize its shipping procedure, saving both time and money and guaranteeing prompt delivery of items to clients. Saffron offers this service to its clients in order to aid them in streamlining their operations because we recognize the value of integrating with shipping providers.

Your retail firm may easily connect with top shipping providers like FedEx, DHL, and UPS with the help of our integration solution. To cut down on mistakes and boost productivity, this interface enables automating the shipping process, from the fulfilment of orders to package tracking. Your company may increase order fulfilment speed and accuracy, increasing customer satisfaction, by reducing manual data entry and other time-consuming operations.

With the help of our integration solution, you can track and manage all of your shipments from a single location using a single platform for shipping management. With the help of this tool, you can keep track of deliveries, handle returns and refunds, and get up-to-date information on shipping prices and delivery schedules. Also, you may create packing slips and shipping labels, monitor inventory levels, and get notifications when inventory levels fall below predetermined levels.

Inventory Management

Reducing costs, raising customer happiness, and boosting sales can all be accomplished with efficient and effective inventory management. In order to aid organizations in achieving these objectives, Saffron provides inventory management as a service.

Our staff can assist merchants with inventory management, demand forecasting, and inventory level optimization based on sales trends. Businesses can prevent stockouts and overstocking by using our inventory management system to ensure they always have the proper products.

We also assist retailers in cutting down on inventory-holding expenses. By evaluating sales data and forecasting demand, we can assist firms in ordering the proper quantity of inventory and avert excess inventory, which can result in higher storage and insurance costs. Additionally, by guaranteeing that products are always accessible when customers wish to buy them, our inventory management technology can assist merchants in raising customer satisfaction. Additionally, we can assist companies in accurately communicating product availability information on their website, mobile application, and other sales channels.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Integration of the payment gateway enables clients to pay simply and securely for their transactions while ensuring prompt payment to the merchant. Our team offers payment gateway integration services to ensure that your clients' checkout experience is quick and secure. Depending on your company's needs, we interface with a number of payment channels, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more.

Our staff will work with you to fully comprehend your needs and make the best payment gateway recommendation for your company. The chosen gateway will then be integrated into your e-commerce platform, making the transaction simple and easy for your customers. By integrating a payment gateway, you can give your consumers a range of payment alternatives, such as credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. This adaptability can help you enhance sales and improve client satisfaction. A secure payment system can also enhance client loyalty and customer retention by establishing credibility and trust with them.

Promotions Management

As part of our promotions management service, we create and carry out promotional programs across a variety of media, including email, social media, and in-store displays. Using information about your target market, products, and business objectives, we design personalized promotions. Our crew makes sure that your advertisements are persuasive, simple to comprehend, and optimized for the greatest impact.

Additionally, we offer real-time analytics and statistics to assist you in monitoring the success of your promotions. You can use this information to decide wisely on upcoming promotions, maximizing the return on your financial commitment. At Saffron, we recognize the value of running successful promotions to entice new clients, keep hold of current ones, and ultimately boost sales.

POS & Integration with Storefront

To provide customers with a smooth shopping experience, retail enterprises must integrate their point-of-sale (POS) systems with their storefronts. Businesses may optimize their operations, particularly managing inventory, handling transactions, and collecting sales data, using POS and store front connectivity.

We offer services that let companies link their physical storefronts with their online platforms to create a seamless shopping experience. Our team assists retailers in utilizing technology to improve the in-store experience for their customers by giving them real-time access to product information, inventory status, and targeted promotions.

Retailers may make wise business decisions by gaining insights on the behavior and preferences of their customers. Our services include integrating several payment options and reward programs, which helps clients check out quickly and easily.

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