DTC Glossary

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The DTC is a fast paced landscape which also requires the business owners to have a deep understanding to compete with its competitors. To understand the DTC landscape better, we have curated a list of DTC KPIs for your brand that will help you understand how your efforts are being paid off.

The purpose of this glossary is to shed some light on the vocabulary in the DTC realm. There are a plethora of terms and concepts with their formulae to help you understand better. By breaking down the terms mentioned in the document we share here, the glossary aims to serve as a bridge between the old and the new marketing models.

The DTC glossary emphasizes direct interactions that open the door to data driven decision making. The ability to collect, analyse and act upon customer data provides you with important insights, behaviours and trends.

Direct-to-Consumer brands, or D2C brands, have carved a new path to online success. The simple ingredients of this “success recipe” include eliminating service agents, wholesale chains, and middle-man from the entire operation.

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