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Why You Need Pay Per Click Services?

Every business likes to dominate their competition and get the maximum returns on their marketing investment. Google pay per click campaigns, while seemingly easy to create, really needs expert management to make sure you don’t burn through all of your budget for average returns.

Pay per click, as the name suggests, runs your online ad campaigns across Google search engines and affiliates that helps increase your brand visibility, audience reach (impressions) and generates qualified clicks to your website.

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to create, optimize and manage their PPC campaigns to generate more clicks and conversions for considerably lower investments.

Our PPC Approach


Campaign Assessment

The first step in running a successful pay per click campaign involves a detailed assessment of the client’s business and website. We identify and optimize all the technical elements in adherence to Google’s best practices.


Budget and Impression Analysis

With the help of competitor research, keyword research, average bids and click trends, we create a budget and impression forecast that helps clients understand the scope of the campaign based on our recommended budgets.


Landing Page Creation

We create landing pages specifically for PPC campaigns based on the services/products that our client’s want to promote. The landing pages undergo in-depth split testing to ensure strong user engagement & conversions.


Keyword and Bid Optimization

Once the Ad copies and creatives are ready we map the entire campaign based on selected keywords, bids, ad copies & execute the campaign. We monitor the campaigns regularly ensuring all the bids and ads are optimized and generating required results.


Monthly Reporting

We provide with in-depth progress reports for the campaign highlighting the clicks, budget spent, impressions, performing ads, calls/leads generated, etc. We also share our insights and recommendations that can further enhance the campaigns.

Why Saffron Edge?


Result Oriented

Our mission is to provide results to our clients and to enable them to transform their business digitally. We create intuitive PPC strategies that help get the best results for our clients.



Our work methodology involves sharing detailed reports, recommendations, and performance updates regularly with our clients so they can stay abreast with the performance and progress of the campaign.


Cost Effective

Our Setup and Management cost is flexible and usually dependant on the scope of the campaign taking the monthly budget investment into consideration as well.

Awards and Affiliations

Awards And Affiliations
Awards And Affiliations

Our Results

120% Increase In Revenue With A Local PPC Campaign

Local PPC Campaign

Increased Total Traffic By 83% With Paid And Organic Marketing Campaign

Paid And Organic Marketing Campaign

900% Increase In Overall Traffic With Targeted PPC & SMM Campaigns

PPC & SMM Campaigns

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