Hire a Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO)

Virtual marketing officers from Saffron Edge gives you an edge above your competitors to level up your marketing initiatives without bearing the premium compensation of a full-time marketer.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Marketing Officer

Business and Audience

Extremely Quick Start

Choosing a VMO and starting with the engagement is as quick & easy as 1, 2, 3. You can start in a day or week time. Select one out of the pool and you are good to go.

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Highly Experienced Individuals

We believe in experience-driven work therefore any individual that you’d selected would have tasted the salt & sugar of marketing.

remarketing campaign

Easy to Plug In & Plug Out

We make sure that the customers are delighted at every step. Therefore you can Start, Pause, and end engagement anytime you want.

display campaigns

Better Quality Marketing Strategies

No compromises from the quality. You get value out of every penny you’d invest. Years of experience in delivering ROI driven performance. Every time.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Consistent Marketing Execution

Irregular marketing strategies can ruin the business plan, growth, and cash flow. Therefore our virtual marketing officers enable regular marketing initiatives & let you focus on what you are best at.

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Better Marketing Research & Key Inputs

Results are always backed with deep research and a comprehensive plan. Therefore our VMO gets deep into the stuff to get a tailored marketing campaign for your brand.

Our Digital Growth Marketing Roadmap

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