Frequently Asked Questions

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Organic & Paid Marketing services work for all types of businesses be it local, SMBs or enterprises. The world of internet marketing has such diversity that we can create customized strategies that work as per the need and nature of the business.
We send out a detailed monthly report which consolidates all the tasks and results accomplished on a month to month basis. We also have a versatile CRM team that stays in touch with you during the course of the campaign to help you understand the data, trends and progress of the campaign.

SEO is a marathon. There are no shortcuts here. SEO covers activities right down from optimizing your website at the code level, UX/UI, Content and Link Building activities, to branding and conversions. All these activities take time to bring strong results.

However, on an average we start seeing keyword movement within the first 3-4 months, and from there on out, traffic and conversions slowly start building up.

Results also depend on the niche and type of business and their market, so we have got clients for whom we started producing results from the 2nd month of the campaign and then there are clients on the other end of the spectrum for whom conversions started coming in from the 6th or 7th month.

We have a strong team of 150+ members who comprise our different departments such as sales, marketing, content, social media, website development, app development etc.

We work on all of our client’s projects with our team ensuring complete responsibility for the delivery of the projects.

In rare cases, if we do need to outsource to a 3rd party company, then we mention it from the get go and have legal documentations and NDAs signed by all parties collaborating on the project.

We have our very own project management and reporting tool called IM Intelly. It stands for Internet Marketing Intelligence, and it compiles all of your website data, analytics, search console and ranking data from all the sources and displays within the dashboard for your convenience.

The dashboard also offers a streamlined communication system where you can communicate with the team and follow the progress of the campaign.

PPC does help to target and remarket your users in more precise way which enables a comparatively faster conversion as compared to organic campaigns. However in PPC budget plays an important role in terms of the amount of impressions your ads will be generating based on numerous factors, such volume, bids, competition etc.

So you need to invest a steady budget which enables strong visibility of your ads for your target market. If you stop investing in PPC then your ads stop to show. This is why we strongly recommend doing PPC or paid marketing alongside SEO to get the best results in the long term.

Great! Once you fill up our form on the website or speak to one of our sales representatives over a call, our team will send you an initial proposal and scope of work based on a preliminary assessment of your website and business.

Once you agree and sign the monthly contract we will start the campaign and generate the invoice. As soon as we receive the payment we conduct a discovery or a “kick-off” call with you and our operations team where we introduce each other and get you upto speed with the process and workflow of the campaign and we begin the work.

Social Media is a powerful tool that helps in branding your business. The primary purpose of having a strong Social Media marketing budget is to build up your social presence, authority, engagement with your end users. This also creates a great source of referrals.

We divide our social media marketing into 2 primary avenues – Branding and Lead Generation. Both these campaigns work in a similar fashion but their goals and matrices are different.

Unlike other companies, we don’t believe in one-plan-fits-all philosophy. The way we approach each project is not based on the number of SLAs or activities that we would do in month, but rather, what adds value to the campaign.

Our pricing is highly customized based on your requirement, our recommended plan and your marketing budget. We try to keep our pricing as flexible as possible so that we can provide the best solutions to our clientele irrespective of their scale and size of business.

You can always get a free consultation and quotes by speaking to our sales representatives.

Yes, we have dental marketing experts that work on specialized marketing campaigns for dental practices. Our services include SEO, Link building, Lead generation, brand reputation and paid marketing to summarize a few. You can learn more about our dental marketing services here.