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What’s Facebook Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

If you are running an online business, there’s no avoiding the social media giant with more than 1.2 Billion users – Facebook. Since its inception, Facebook has quickly grown from being a dedicated social networking platform to a really competitive space where you can promote your business and sell your products and services. Being the number one marketing platform, it just makes sense to have a strong presence there–and that’s where a Facebook Advertising Agency like us can help.

The Facebook advertising services we provide comprises of business profile creation and optimization, creating a campaign strategy, publishing and scheduling engaging posts, running paid ads for more exposure, replying to feedback and mentions, connecting with your followers socially, and replying to any personal messages on a prompt.

Maintaining a presence on social media is very different to growing an active audience on the platform. Many business owners think they are the same, but we know the difference. We have helped a number of clients become an authority on the platform, and we’ll be happy to do it for you, too. We are confident that the Facebook management services we’ll provide for your business will certainly make a difference in your followers and, eventually, customers.

Some of our core processes of Facebook Marketing Services


Business Page Optimization

If you already don’t have a Facebook business page, we will set up, optimize, and promote one for you from scratch, and make it visually pleasing to attract customers.


Creative Campaign Management

Our team of experienced social media marketers plan, create, and deploy relevant Facebook marketing campaigns, filled with engaging posts and stellar images bound to make conversions happen.


Brand Awareness

With your business profile studded with a recognizable display picture and visually engaging content, each Facebook post in which we promote your brand will bring more eyes to your business, gradually increasing a favourable brand image and raising awareness.


Lead Generation

Each Facebook business profile visitor is a potential lead for your business. We provide you with detailed reports of age, gender, and geographic location of all your Facebook page visitors and also optimize your Facebook lead pages for conversions.


Effective Paid Marketing

Facebook Ads and Boosted posts are well-established paid sources of traffic on Facebook, and our experienced social media marketers get the most out of every penny by optimizing the content and images of your Facebook Ads to increase those clicks!


Proactive Audience Management

The audience selected for your paid marketing efforts on Facebook can literally make or break the performance of those efforts. We carefully select your targeted audience and keep a constant eye on the results to boost engagement and conversions.


Detailed Reporting

Facebook offers a plethora of analytical solutions to see where your marketing efforts on the platform are headed. We make use of all of those solutions and Google Analytics to present you with a detailed report of the end results of all our marketing efforts.


Spot-On Retargeting

You can run a variety of ads on Facebook using its retargeting options. Our social media marketers can set up image ads, video ads, or even dynamic product carousel ads to promote products that people have already viewed on your website.


User Engagement

Everything we post on your Facebook page will be done with awareness of the level of engagement from users it can generate. We try to garner the most likes, comments and shares on your facebook posts via giveaways, contests, polls & more.

Why you should work with us


Brand Integrity

We will never post something on your Facebook page that would hurt your brand image in any way. Also, we clone your brand voice to bring uniformity to all your marketing efforts on Facebook.


Attractive Profile

Visual appeal matters on Facebook. Our social media experts make sure that all your Facebook posts are posted with engaging content and enticing images to turn every page visitor into a follower.


Quality Traffic

With our laser-focused approach, we only promote your Facebook campaigns to a targeted audience, providing maximum conversions and eventually ROI.


Powerful Campaigns

Packed with stunning visuals and engaging content, all your Facebook marketing campaigns created in partnership with us will make a huge impact on your overall post likes, comments, shares, and follower count.

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