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Despite being one of the oldest online marketing channel, email marketing still works like a charm! Sending beautiful emails that resonate with your target audience is our forte and we are one of the best email marketing service providers out there helping clients send relevant emails to their customers that gets clicked like crazy. The result – more exposure, more traffic, more sales, more customers, and more relationships.

Your customer’s inbox is a very personal space and being a responsible email marketing service provider, we totally respect that by keeping each and every email interaction relevant to your target audience. We stay miles away from spamming users!

From welcome emails to company newsletters, we do it all and we are ready to take off the load of sending beautiful emails to all your thousands of customers with our bulk email marketing services, are you ready to focus on your business?

Our Email Marketing Services


Campaign Strategy Development

Powerful email marketing campaigns begin with the end goal in mind. Is your end goal to nurture engagement with existing customers? Or is it to win back lost customers? We collaborate with you and figure out the best campaign strategy for your business that perfectly aligns with your business adjectives.


Campaign Design & Creation

With a passion of designing beautiful email templates and a knack of writing compelling but relevant content that engages users, our experienced team of designers and content writers will take care of creating all your emails from the ground up.


List Management

Managing hard bounces, soft bounces and unsubscriptions is vital in email marketing. One runs the risk of being marked as a spammer when continuous mails are sent out to unsubscribers. Stay carefree as our email marketers will manage your precious mailing list and keep it as clean as possible.


Advanced Segmentation

When it comes to sending hyper targeted emails that drive engagement, creating segments is vital. Advanced segmentation can prove to be beneficial to your business as they nurture relationships and can make the receiver feel as if the email is custom tailored for them.


A/B Testing

A little A/B testing goes a long way. No email marketing campaign is complete without proper A/B testing. We A/B test just about everything in the campaigns we deploy to get the best results for our clients.

Why Us?


Responsive Design

We make sure that every email we deploy renders perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. Nowadays, most of the people check their emails on mobile, so it’s a no-brainer that all our emails need to be optimized for the same as well.



In email marketing, it’s important to make sure that promotional emails are not marked as spam. No worries, our campaigns hit that primary inbox every single time! And we boast a delivery rate of 99%


Proactive Monitoring & Reporting

We keep a close eye on all the email marketing metrics throughout your campaign such as open rate, click-through rate, conversions, revenue and unsubscribers and present all the results in a detailed monthly report.

Customer Reviews

Deploying mesmerizing emails that are relevant to your subscribers is our forte.

We never spam!

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