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Email is one of the best tools for digital marketing, which produces an ROI of $44 for every dollar spent. Consult saffron Edge for professional Email marketing services. We specialize in creating beautifully crafted emails, that instantly strikes a chord with the audience. Our Email marketing services help you get more exposure, more leads and ultimately more sales. Our professional content writers are the best at creating click-worthy emails, no matter if its a welcome mail or a Newsletter. 

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Hire Email Marketing Services from Saffron Edge to Improve customer Engagement with Customized Emails


Campaign Strategy Development

For any digital marketing strategy to be successful, it should be designed with the business objectives in mind. The professional email marketing team at Saffron Edge dedicates considerable time to understand your business and your marketing objectives. We collaborate with your in-house marketing teams to come up with the best strategy that helps you realize your goals.


Building Email Lists

Our web designers create opt-in signups for email newsletters to your contact forms. We design a cohesive strategy that uses social media and other paid advertising campaigns to increase the number of email subscribers. The higher the number of subscribers to your email, the more reach your email marketing campaign can have. Our email marketing professionals try every trick to build your opt-in email list.

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Managing Email Lists

One of the critical tasks of email marketing is managing hard bounces, soft bounces and unsubscriptions. Our email marketers have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling these issues to keep your mail lists as clean as possible. We ensure that you do not send spam messages to the unsubscribers.


Designing Custom Email Templates

Our designers review your existing email marketing campaign to identify the proven design elements that are appreciated by your audience. We also review your target audience and their content consumption patterns. Based on the review, our designers create customized email templates that suit your brand image.


Creating Click-worthy Email Content

The experienced content writers at Saffron Edge are pros at creating emails with the relevant content. All the content is curated to match the preferences of your target audience and increase the engagement rate. We ensure that every email offers something noteworthy to your audience, which helps to improve your brand image. Our writers are well-versed in creating content for welcome emails, monthly newsletters, customer retention emails, product updates and new product launches.


Advanced Segmentation

Advanced segmentation is vital to create highly targeted email campaigns for your valuable customers. We use the latest technologies to segment users and create tailormade email campaigns for each segment.


Tracking Campaigns

Continuous monitoring of email marketing campaigns plays an important role in their success. Our experienced email marketers track various performance metrics such as delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, website traffic, leads, and conversions for every campaign we deploy.


A/B Testing

Testing goes a long way in improving the results of a campaign. We split test each and every segment of the campaign such as subject lines, times and dates, email copies, offers and contests, call-to-action, and images to ensure that the final product is nothing but the best.


Optimize Landing Pages

When a viewer clicks through your email, they immediately enter the landing page. The landing page has to provide specific details of the product or service that you are trying to sell. The professional web designers at Saffron Edge are experienced at creating conversion-oriented landing pages that connect with the audience.

Do You Want to Reap the Benefits of Professional marketing Services? Consult Best Email Marketing Agency

Saffron Edge is a popular NJ based Email marketing Services Company known for its successful marketing campaigns. We have a team of 200+ dedicated professionals, who are experts in their niche. Our email marketing team is the best in the industry and can create customized campaigns that suit the requirements and budget of small and large businesses. We have helped more than 1000 clients achieve success through our well-designed digital marketing campaigns. 

Having worked in the US market space for over a decade now, our experts have keen insights into the digital marketing landscape. We know the inside and out of the digital market landscape and can curate customized strategies with guaranteed success. With our offices in Fairfield, New Jersey and across the USA, we have helped businesses small and large worldwide, flourish by generating leads and increasing their sales through our email marketing services. 


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    Customized email templates and compelling content

Saffron Edge Provides the Best Email Marketing Services based in NJ to Help Your Business Prosper and Grow

Statistics prove that 70% of consumers prefer content, to know about new products and services. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools to connect with your current and potential customers and engage them with useful content. 

Reasons to Hire Professional Marketing Services from Saffron Edge - Increased ROI

Email marketing is one of the most effective and low-cost digital marketing tactics that help businesses to connect directly with their customers and potential customers. It helps marketing teams to reach out to the exact group of audience and convey the message directly to their inboxes. It delivers valuable content that is useful to the audience and helps companies to build credibility and brand loyalty. 

Hire Email Marketing Services of Saffron Edge to Increase conversions and Sales With Our customized Email Strategy

As per Statista, the number of global email users in 2019 is 3.9 billion. The number of users is expected to hit the 4.3 billion mark (half of the world population) by 2023. Email marketing helps to reach out to your target audience 24/7, 365 days in a year. 


Email marketing has the highest ROI when compared to other marketing tools. It provides a return of $44 for every $1 spent. 

80% of small businesses use email marketing for customer acquisition, while 80% of businesses use it for customer retention. No other marketing technique can beat the impact and reach of email.

Interactive emails with videos, Gifs, and infographics increase the click-through rate by 300%. 

59% of consumers say that marketing emails contribute to their decision-making process while buying products and services. 

Segmented email campaigns increase revenue by as much as 760%.

As per eMarketer, automated email marketing increases conversion rates by 50%.

70% of consumers prefer content over ads to know about new products and services. 

70% of brands still fail to use the power of personalized emails to improve open rates.


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Responsive Design

As per the latest statistics, 46% of all the email opens are done on mobiles, hence it is absolutely necessary to optimize the emails for mobile viewing. Our designers create email templates with a responsive design that provide a consistent experience, no matter the device they are viewed on.


High Deliverability

In email marketing, it is crucial to ensure that the emails from your business are not marked as spam. Email marketing experts at Saffron Edge ensure that your email appears in the primary mailbox, every single time. Our emails have a deliverability rate of 99%.


Detailed Reports

We track the performance of every campaign by measuring critical metrics such as click-through rates, open rates, website traffic, conversion rate and unsubscriptions. We provide monthly reports with all the necessary details. Moreover, you can call our experts anytime to know about your campaign.



Our email marketers are highly knowledgeable and experienced. We have worked with multiple clients from various industry verticals and understand the challenges faced by businesses. We can create a comprehensive email marketing strategies that boost your customer engagement and conversion rate.


Flexible Packages

We understand that businesses operate on a tight budget. We offer Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses at very affordable prices. You can choose from any of our packages or consult our experts to get a customized package designed as per your budget and email marketing goals. We do not bind our clients with long-term yearly contracts, choose our pay-as-you-go options to reduce the burden.


Result-oriented Strategies

We understand email marketing like none other. We create customized strategies based on research. Our experts can do everything from creating email templates, writing compelling content, split testing subject lines and content, personalization, and segmentation to advanced email marketing strategies to ensure that you get the highest ROI on your investment.

frequently asked questions

How to improve the open rates of my emails?

Studies indicate that customers are more likely to open a personalized email than a bulk email. Effective subject lines are also likely to improve the open rates of emails. There are many other factors that can improve open rates.  Hiring the services of a reputed Email Marketing Services company can help you create beautiful emails with effective content that instantly connects with the readers.  

How to ensure that my email content is effective?

You have to create useful and up-to-date content that provides value to the customers. You have to understand the content consumption habits, customer preferences and the requirements of your target audience before creating the content. The experienced content writers at Saffron Edge can help you curate the right content with the optimum mix of text and visuals that instantly connects with the audience and persuades them to visit your website.

How to grow my list of email subscriptions?

Most of the companies opt to buy email lists, which is a strict no-no according to our experts.  You have to increase the subscription list organically by adding opt-in signups to your contact forms. You can use contests, promotional offers and free gifts to entice visitors of your website, blogs and social media pages to provide their email address. 

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