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How Do Big Data and Al Help eCommerce Brands Increase Customer Retention?


Do you know, today, a vast amount of data is available out there, and its volume is skyrocketing every day. According to Statista, the total volume of data created, copied, captured, or used worldwide in 2010 was two zettabytes.



Eight Growth Hacking Tips To Help You Sell More On Amazon


Amazon is a king of the eCommerce sites selling over 12 million products. It drives a significant share of total internet traffic, recording approximately 2.45 billion visits per month in 2021.



How Does Al Help Marketers Engage With Customers? How Can It Be Used To Strengthen Customer Relationships?


Think about the movie, which left a positive impact on your mind. Surely, you will love to watch it again and again. The same goes with eCommerce;



How Can Big Data Help You Create Seamless Direct-to-Consumer experiences?


Direct-to-Consumer brands, or D2C brands, have carved a new path to online success. The simple ingredients of this “success recipe” include eliminating service agents, wholesale chains, and middle-man from the entire operation.