How Do Big Data and Al Help eCommerce Brands Increase Customer Retention?

By boosting consumer comprehension, big data and AI help with customer retention. Brands can construct thorough customer profiles by analysing their customers' behaviour, preferences, and purchasing patterns.

Eight Growth Hacking Tips To Help You Sell More On Amazon

Positioning your brand effectively within Amazon's bustling marketplace is akin to unlocking a gateway to success. With millions of potential customers actively browsing and purchasing on Amazon, a well-executed growth strategy can propel your business to new heights.


How Does Al Help Marketers Engage With Customers? How Can It Be Used To Strengthen Customer Relationships?

Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by AI improve customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty. AI-powered recommendations and personalised content increase engagement and develop connections. Saffron is investigating the potential of AI in consumer relationships.

How Can Big Data Help You Create Seamless Direct-to-Consumer experiences?

D2C brands are being transformed by big data, which allows them to enhance strategy and personalise experiences. These brands get a competitive advantage by harnessing data-driven insights, personalising services, and cultivating long-term loyalty.