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  • Optimizing Your Listings

To run profitable paid Advertising, we must ensure that your listings are optimized for maximum conversions. Unoptimized product listings can lead to wastage of ad spend as it will look shabby and unpleasing to your audiences. Once we start optimizing your listings, we will know what improvements we shall make to get your sales going.

  • Auditing Your Target Plus Campaign

We shall take a close look at your existing ad campaigns to evaluate your current performance. At Saffron Edge, we implement state-of-the-art AI-ML tools, use data and expertise to scrutinize your campaigns for accelerated growth. We help you analyze reports and potential growth areas to maximize your ROI and sales. We believe in offering a complete audit of your campaigns on the Target marketplace.

  • Target Marketplace SEO

With our organic SEO campaigns, your brand will have the authority to differentiate itself from the crowd. We will ensure that your store is visible to millions of other customers searching for a company like yours. We have got you covered, from listing optimization to conversion-focused SEO plans to boost your brand presence!

  • Content Marketing

We have an in-house team of writers who can create SEO-friendly content for your store on the Target marketplace. They'll fix your pre-existing product pages, descriptions, titles, and images by optimizing them to the latest industry standards. Algorithms love SEO-friendly and keyword-driven content. Utilize our content to please search algorithms.

  • Curating a PPC Plan Of Action

Once we thoroughly skim through your campaigns, our PPC managers will devise an effective plan of action to include your business objectives, targets, and a forecast of monthly ROI goals. We share all these parameters and targets with our clients. We let them know how their investments are being used.

  • Campaign Initiation & Management

Once we initiate your campaigns, we don’t let our clients worry about anything as we handle every single aspect of Target Plus PPC marketing. We activate your campaigns and take them to performance levels never seen before! Our PPC marketers can even manage your existing campaigns while setting up new ones. From bid management to match types, we take care of every aspect that is needed to lower your ACoS while moving your sales up.

  • Target Plus Ad Optimization

After setting your campaigns or implementing new changes to your existing ones, we closely monitor their performance. Our Target Plus marketers collect data and curate reports that help our PPC experts determine what Ad optimizations are required. Our PPC marketers refine, adjust, and reoptimize your campaigns to improve efficiency and conversions.

  • Your PPC Manager

Our campaigns are supported by dedicated account managers at Saffron Edge who stay in touch with our clients throughout the campaigns. From the beginning to the end, they remain your POCs. They work on your campaigns and take necessary measures on your behalf.

  • Incorporating AI To Boost ROI

We utilize algorithms and practical AI tools to ensure your campaigns turn into a profit-making machine for your business. We maximize your ROI using technology-led ad optimizing tools to deliver impeccable results to our clients. We have been in the industry for the past 13+ years; hence, we have developed expertise over running profitable Target Plus PPC ads. We can clear your queries regarding tools we use on several PPC platforms so that you can utilize them in the future if you want to scale your business.

  • Regular Updates & Reporting

As discussed above, our PPC marketers are there for you to implement new campaigns, restructure them, and optimize the existing ones. No matter what type of PPC service you need, our team will help you tackle everything. We offer bi-monthly reports and client meetings to showcase the progress your campaign is making. Therefore, you get a detailed view of your investments. We talk about metrics like ACoS, ROI, conversions, and other critical growth areas. Our PPC account managers offer flexible call schedules where you can discuss the performance aspect of your Target Plus PPC ad campaigns.

Time To Claim The Top Spot On Target Marketplace

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  • Struggling To Get The Relevant Keywords?

Through deep analysis of your competitors to quickly extract keywords that can drive sales to your business while eliminating those that waste your ad spend or are ineffective to your growth.

  • Competitors Are Affecting Your Brand Identity

Boosting brand recognition and preventing competitors from taking up a significant market share is our clients' top priority. We offer seller Target plus managed services that enable you to drive relevant traffic and boost brand recognition. We allow our clients to overtake competitors by placing their brand at the forefront.

  • Poor Ad Optimization Is A Growth Barrier For Your Brand?

We help your brand identify better, profitable keywords that lead to enhanced ad targeting. Our marketers will help you focus on lucrative keywords for better organic rankings regardless of which category of products you sell on the Target marketplace.

  • Reorganize Critical Campaigns To Target Your Desired ACoS

Are your existing campaigns hard to monitor? Do you experience a constant upward trend in ACoS? A low amount of sales can never justify a massive surge in ad spending. Don't worry; our marketers will help you curate precise, ROI-driven campaigns in a few weeks. You will notice increased ad impressions and conversions during a considerable reduction in ACoS.

  • Implementing Auto-Target campaigns Is Difficult

Our PPC marketers help you implement Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products Ads for quick sales and branding. We'll get you rid of manual optimization by offering our AI tools to generate auto-target campaigns for your brand. Your brand can then expect to see a drastic increase in ROI and conversions. With Sponsored Products Ads, we also offer new Sponsored Brands Ads that quickly enhance your overall brand placement across Amazon. That will have a positive impact on your brand recognition and sales.

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Sellers on Target plus can enjoy a customizable storefront. The marketplace also offers in-store return handling. Their work model is seamless as they have no hidden charges or referral rates.

Your PPC campaigns have an excellent opportunity to gain more revenues as Target marketplace is an invite-only platform. The competition is less; therefore, you can create an assortment strategy to drive more growth

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