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  • Building Your Brand Identity

A brand is not just a name; it's a trust which a business creates among its customers. Most of the time, customers purchase a product based on its brand value. That's why building your brand name will help you grow your marketing. Saffron Edge has consumer-driven strategies that are proven and evident for their impactful results. We will help your WooCommerce store create a bond to engage your customers in your products and services. Our team assists you in building your brand identity via multiple channels for faster and quicker conversions organically.

  • Data-driven Marketing Strategies

Running your business without powerful marketing strategies will not help your business thrive. You need to follow solid marketing strategies that bind your customers to your website so they can repeatedly purchase your products or services. We have compiled some mind-blowing data-driven marketing strategies that can foster your WooCommerce store and make it a revenue-generating machine. Also, we help you track your customers' activity to keep a record of their likings for a better experience.

  • Power Up Your Social Marketing

These days social platforms are the best way to promote your brand as these platforms have the bulk of traffic. And people often like sharing things they want on these platforms. Building a significant and impressive presence on social platforms will help you garner high-purchasing customers, which will add value to your brand name and your sales. Our hundreds of social activists will do this job for you by promoting and sharing your brand on multiple channels.

  • Personalize Customer Experience

Customers are just like family members; if you treat them well, they will give it back to you. The same goes with eCommerce platforms; customers will always choose you if you personalize their shopping experience. This requires you to do real-time management of your WooCommerce stores, but it's not as easy as it looks. Only experts can do this job for you. We have a team of big-data analysis that can track your customer's activity on your store and allow you to showcase what they are looking for. This strategy will help you drive maximum traffic organically.

  • Monitor And Analyze Your Performance

Getting a significant eCommerce share will need the power of effective marketing strategies. But this is not enough. You also need to monitor and analyze your performance regularly to record your performance. These records will help you know which tactics are doing well to take steps accordingly. We have unbeatable and exclusive strategies backed by AI that will help you scale up your business. Our team will assist you in controlling and handling your WooCommerce store to reach your dream goal.

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  • Plugin And Theme Conflicts

These conflicts are one of the biggest causes that badly affect the marketplace. This is because of running too many plugins. Saffron Edge has a complete solution to this problem. We will help you resolve the plugin and theme conflicts to boost your sales and give a smooth shopping experience to your customers.

  • Missing Digital Data Download Links?

Sending aggressive emails to your customers without clickable download links will ruin your overall hard work. This problem often arises due to the table conflicts within your MySQL database. Our team will help you shorten the table prefix with our techy solutions.

  • Image Size Compatibility

Uploading the right size image is very crucial in running an eCommerce store. But most of the time, sellers don't give importance to it and hence struggle with no sales. Our website designer will help you fix your image compatibility issue by setting your theme's default image size for simple product images, catalog images, and product thumbnails.

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WooCommerce is an excellent plugin for WordPress websites, giving power to new sellers to sell their products. But this needs you to manage your operation to rank on the top organically.

We have a team of industry experts who will help you tackle the complex situation. Our strategists will assist you in uplifting your business for better ROI.

We offer a complete WooCommerce store management package that comprises setting up your store, listing your products, optimizing your landing pages, and marketing your brand. If you are seeking expert advice, contact us now.

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