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DTC Paid Media

Saffron Edge offers DTC Earned Media services that promote your D2C brand by using organic components. For some, it might be the most challenging type of marketing strategy to master, but for our team of experts, it has been a tool to help brands like yours achieve growth effectively.

Stimulate Growth Through Viral Yet Organic DTC Earned Media Marketing

DTC Earned media is Pretty Different from Other Forms of Media Such as Owned or Paid Media.

  • Owned media

This is the one media type where marketers spend most of their time, and this is that type of media controlled by the marketer like websites, social media accounts, and newsletters.

  • Paid media

In the case of paid media, one purchases access to PPC programs, social media ads, and other paid tools for marketing content. For example, one can run a PPC program for the most trending keyword in the industry.

  • Earned media

W You don’t have to pay anything for this kind of media but to allure the interest of the fans, influencers, gatekeepers, and many other people to talk about your company, brand, product, or content.

Ensure Your Brand's Future-Growth With Proven DTC Earned Media Tactics

Let Saffron Edge Integrate Earn Media Tactics to Drive Remarkable Marketing Results!

Our main objective is to help you curate an DTC earned media strategy that integrates as many people, platforms, and entities to talk about your product, service, or brand. "Brands?" Yes, it applies to businesses of all sizes and types. Earned media is an organic approach to stimulate word-of-mouth marketing of your brand among audiences through different channels. There are many ways to do it; we have some leading methods to help you grow more in a cut-throat competition.

Benefits Of Brand Mentions & Earned Media Awareness

Learn How You Can Gain Recognition Through Communication Channels
  • Filter the content

With the audience being inundated with content regularly, you need a way to filter that content and reach the audience correctly. That is what our earned media services offer brands.

  • Reach wider audience

You get a chance to reach a wider audience. You can even reach those audiences who have never heard about your company but can benefit from your content, product, or other services.

Influence Rankings, Reviews, Comments To Drive Measurable Results

We Help You Navigate the Narrative of How Consumers Encounter Your Brand.

  • We Help You Cultivate Influencer Marketing In DTC Earned media

Saffron Edge can curate top-notch influencer strategies to promote your content. Even though you are trying to reach out to influencers, we’ll help you enhance your outreach.

  • We Help You Engage Your Audience

Work on building a solid relationship with people who regularly publish your content or talk about your brand. Never miss a chance to interact with all your advocates and fans.

  • Review Sites

Reviews are extremely important for a customer while purchasing a product, and we can use the review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and TripAdvisor to allure the customers.

  • Media Coverage

When your brand or product gets written about or mentioned without paying anything, it can be considered earned media. Unpaid news coverage of your company is a good example.

  • Social Media Shoutouts

Customers recommend your product to others or post positive things about you because they have a good experience with your product. We have stellar opportunities for your brand to magnify your brand’s reach and visibility.

How Do Our Result-Driven Strategies Help Your Business?

We Have Provided Disruptive Digital Growth to a Dozen Companies! You are Next.

  • Brand Exposure

From cross-channel engagement to word of mouth, our DTC earned media game plan allows you to leverage many benefits, and all these factors contribute towards better brand exposure.

  • Brand loyalty

After positive media coverage of your brand, the customers can feel more connected, making them closer to becoming loyal customers.

  • Brand Credibility

With the brand being positively represented in the market, both the company and the product earn legitimacy and credibility.

  • Domain Authority
With more positive backlinks on websites with high DA-PA, your domain authority keeps on improving with time.

What are Different Categories of DTC Earned Media We Offer?

  • Social media posts from fans and influencers talking about your product
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Positive product reviews on social media, YouTube, or blogs
  • News coverage of your product
  • Word of mouth recommendation
  • Unpaid traffic on the website

We deliver compelling brand stories using multichannel expertise and DTC earned media strategies. Get in touch to achieve your goals.

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Earned media is never a promotion of the product you own or pay for. There is always an involvement of a third party in earned media.

Research shows that almost 92% of the customers say they trust earned media without any doubt, while only half of the population trust paid media. Earned media is considered a credible source of information rather than just another marketing gimmick.

The influx of COVID-19 has made brands again turn to earned media to make their message heard, as now, people have started trusting credible sources only. So, nowadays, more and more companies are trying to grab their share in the earned media realm.

  • Online reviews
  • Social media posts about your product
  • A blog published about your product by an unpaid advocate
  • Unpaid search engine traffic

  • Improve the outreach to get the influencers to talk about your product
  • Stay responsive to your audience and use the social customer care
  • Demonstrate your expertise through blogs, articles, and social media content
  • Get all the distribution channels firing on all cylinders
  • Work on alluring and engaging content

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