With every company fighting for digital presence, a digital campaign with long-term sustainability remains a challenge. We offer Influencer outreach as a service not just to revive your marketing strategy, but to give your marketing the required edge to stand above the rest. With our outreach marketing strategies, you will build deep relationships with your customer, understand their pulse as well as get a clear indications about future trends in content marketing.


Having boasted about the effects of Outreach, let’s understand what it can do for you. It involves key individuals who represent and deliver important content  about your brand to target audience. The organic reach of this method provides gradual but guaranteed results. It develops a direct and sustaining relation with key audience. It is one of the fastest-growing customer acquisition channel available online currently trending.


Selecting the right influencer to market your product/idea is half the battle won for an effective Outreach marketing campaign. Influencers should massive social audience, reach and industry expertise. Identifying and contacting the right influencer is an area of our expertise. Backed with our detailed industry analysis, we will guide you to connect with the ideal influencer with large social media following and activity.


Building a strategy around your influencer outreach campaign is imperative. We understand the importance of timing and communication process in such a campaign in various social media platforms. To improve the conversion rates, we advise on the initial messages, follow up, personalization and other key performance metrics. With the latest tools in our kitty, we make the planning and execution of the campaign a breeze for our clients.


Launching a campaign also requires measurement of its utility.  From garnering important data from social networks such as usernames, emails, number of hits and user-location, all sorts of data is essential to measure success of the campaign. We also assist in determining ROI from the campaign, tracking increase in brand awareness and conversions, based on such campaigns, giving our clients a definitive result for a period beyond the campaign.

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