The best of content strategy can go down the drain without the conventional content inventory and audits. We at Saffron Edge have redefined  content audit by analysing your content every standpoint, be it technology, standards or systems. Gain valuable insights with our content audit services, to retrieve the best out of your content marketing strategies. Collating content audit along with website analytics will gain you a deep insight into user experiences.

SWOT Analysis

Designing content requires you to define your objectives, audience and highlight unique features. Once these essential features have been listed, our marketing strategists team will perform a detailed analysis of the content vis-a-vis every individual parameter. An objective evaluation by the team will help you determine the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of your marketing campaign.

Types of audit

Creating a site with engaging content requires assessment on multiple fronts. Aligning your content with your objectives alone is not enough. We understand the importance of analysing the effectiveness of your content from a tactical point of view. Hence, we perform a qualitative as well a comprehensive audit of competitors content  to help you develop the best content strategy.

Tools for in-Depth Assessment

The latest and best tools for content audit are employed at Saffron Edge, to give the best possible result. Not only do we ensure that the best SEO practises are in place but constant online tracking of content is done. Content audit is not a process just to prepare a giant spreadsheet. Tools such as CAT (Content Analysis Tool) are employed to manage multiple content inventory projects to generate rich data that enables deep analysis.

Value of content audit

What does the content audit finally deliver? Content audit with us will help you identify content consistency with respect to keywords, meta tags, editorial style and design. Understand and cover the tactical gaps between the content you have and the ideal marketing content. Finally, we will communicate the revised content requirements that will that will improve rankings for your website.

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