Cloud Computing Services

Business are making a transition to Cloud computing for enhanced efficiency and flexibility. Saffron Edge has been a fortes in offering Cloud Computing services consist of designing, supervising and customization. We possess skill and experience in different platforms such as Google apps Engine, Microsoft Azure , Standing Cloud and many others.

Our experts host the cloud service, so you will never have to worry about the maintenance, management that keeps running them smoothly.


  • Elasticity

Companies can scale up and down depending on the market demand. This brings down the operational and capital cost down.

  • Reduced Cost

Cloud computing is a metered mechanism that works on pay per use. Companies have to only pay for the services they use of the cloud.

  • Self Service

Companies can easily access IT resources available on the cloud and can eliminate the need for IT specialists  to manage and administer resources.


  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The platform hosts applications on cloud along with hardware, software and hosting support. One can easily deploy and migrate application on cloud.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

This runs on other computers connected by internet and allows anyone to use functionalities of software without buying, installing and upgrading software.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud computing has unlimited offering on the basis of hosting, network, data and storage. One can swiftly manage the scalability within affordable prices.


  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management

We offer option in SAT cloud infrastructure or client-hosted private cloud and public cloud hosting.

  • COTS Software Deployment

With COTS software , we move application promptly to the cloud such as SharePoint-on-demand and SAP-on-demand.

  • Application Migration Services

Our cloud computing services includes re-hosting application to cloud and re-engineer application for cloud.

  • High Performance Computing

We provide HPC application to migrate applications leveraging exceptional processing power on cloud.

We ensure great user experience by offering rich array of clouds to meet entire web based application requirements.

  • Private Cloud

These services are operated exclusively for any organization. It offers sophisticated security and governance for intra company requirements.

  • Public Cloud

These services are offered as demanded by the users. We maintain the software, hardware and supporting infrastructure. This one is apt for B2C business models.

  • Hybrid Cloud

We link computing resources together with different clouds to help users reap the benefit offered by both private and public cloud.


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